Remedy Had Been Thinking About Going Multiplatform for a Long Time

Remedy's Creative Director Sam Lake revealed that the Finnish studio had been thinking about going multiplatform for quite some time and it was a goal of theirs.

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MegamanXXX2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

Great choice

Imp0ssibl32159d ago

Yeah, I guess they were burned by Microsoft in the end.

Gazondaily2159d ago

Dunno if Microsoft can completely be blamed for Remedys shortcomings in their games.

Neonridr2159d ago

pretty sure Remedy has made a ton of money off MS for their work.

naruga2159d ago

when your games suck (Remedy) ..exclusivity is not the problem ....either if they go multi or stay excusive, their games are unapealing and boring

Ceaser98573612159d ago

Welcome Remedy, its time to play with the PS4 .... :)

Zeref2159d ago

why would you say that? Developers go multiplat all the time. Look at insomniac. They went as far as making an exclusive for Xbox even though they had been exclusive to playstation for a long time. Doesn't mean they were burned by Sony.

Krysis2158d ago

I would love to see proof of your statement, a quote....anything?

XanderZane2158d ago

and the XB1X. Their games will be on both and PC as usual.

1Victor2158d ago

@septic "I think the opportunity of working with a new publisher [505 Games] is also to learn new things. I mean, they have a slightly different approach and there’s always room for more innovation, more growth and having a new perspective to try out new things." bottom line they wasn't happy with Microsoft same old thing pew pew pew otherwise they wouldn't leave

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andrewsquall2159d ago

Lol more "shortcomings" for all? Make up your mind septic.

_-EDMIX-_2158d ago

??? I don't understand? You literally make a comment that completely contradicts this Within the hour....


You seriously can't make up your mind what narrative you want to run with?

Gazondaily2158d ago


Fml...It's not rocket science. Have Remedy released their latest games? No.

Shortcomings were in relation to their PAST games. I'll give it a few hours to sink in....

darthv722159d ago

Remedy going multi is as much a good decision as insomniac did. They get a chance to show their skills on another platform.

Who wouldnt want to support that?

andrewsquall2159d ago

Fuse, Insomniacs first non PlayStation only game in 15 years. It was a disaster.

scofios2159d ago


well said .

madforaday2159d ago


Exactly and then after that they did an exclusive with MS with Sunset Overdrive which was super fun just didn't sell super well.

darthv722159d ago

Never played Fuse but I do have Song of the Deep. That is a fun little game as well. And sunset overdrive is just a blast to play.

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Tech52159d ago

"Remedy Had Been Thinking About Going Multiplatform for a Long Time"
they have always been a 3rd party studio...they mean back to making multiplatform games like the MP series.

XanderZane2158d ago

Yes. Maybe SquareEnix, Atlus, Namco, Konami, Bandai, Temco, etc.. will also decide to go back to multiplat games again as well.

XanderZane2158d ago

They were already multiplat from the beginning. Not sure what Sam Lake is talking about. Max Payne was on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Game Boy Advance, Android, iOS. That's not multiplat? Even Alan Wake was on XBox 360 and PC.

Microsoft didn't burn them. They help fund, market & publish their game. Quantum Break was marketed very well. Wasn't Microsoft fault that the game turned out average. It's too bad all their games couldn't be as good as Max Payne.

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Cybermario2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

best luck and yeah great choice

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FallenAngel19842159d ago

They've been wanting to release a game that can be a big seller again

darthv722159d ago

Max payne and alan wake were both big sellers. QB had potential to be a big seller.

Despite the live action stuff the game is pretty good.

Alexious2159d ago

I think Quantum Break was really underrated. There was a ton of lore scattered around in documents and notes and I'm sure many missed that.

andrewsquall2159d ago

@Alexious Oh, that bumps it up to a critically acclaimed title lol. I saw my friend playing the first level in the game and ewvertime he picked up a document it said "1 of 14" collected so he wasted time running around this static environment trying to find all these "lore" items that he didn't even want to read. And they sure were crazy too long to read too.
So its underrated because people didn't read all that filler?

Knushwood Butt2158d ago

I feel Wii Music would have been significantly better if there was lots of lore scattered around.

FallenAngel19842159d ago

Max Payne was multiplatform, just like the direction they've been thinking about heading into for quite some time.

Alan Wake did reasonably well but it was highly pirated which negatively impacted sales and resulted in Alan Wake 2 not happening.

Quantum Break still didn't live up to the sales potential and didn't prove to be a big commercial hit.

Remedy know that if it wants to release another big hit it has to make a multiplatform game.