Nintendo at work on new Wiimote?

It seems that Nintendo is already working on a new version of the Wiimote. Don 't worry, it isn't anything that will render your current Wiimote obsolete. This version will have a better grip, and will come with a rechargeable battery.

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Twizzlada_Shogun5216d ago

If this is true, i'm both glad, and pissed off.

They couldn't have just made it rechargeable in the first place....

Harry5215d ago

Yeh but that would mean that everyone would have to pay for recharable battery packs which are quite frankly not cheap.

It's better to give the option of upgrading rather than forcing it upon potential customers

MicroGamer5215d ago

I haven't lost my grip on the Wiimote yet and I have a Radio Shack battery charger and NiMH batteries.

pixel_sword5212d ago

...But they just should've had a recharger in the first place. The PS3's joystick is rechargeable, and It takes about a week to wear down, and about two hrs to recharge. I don't think that's bad at all. Even though I don't have a Wii, I hope you guys have good luck with the addition!