Netflix for indie games: How Jump aims to help devs beat discoverability issues

Game industry vets Anthony Palma and Cade Peterson chat with Gamasutra about Jump, their new indie game subscription service that aims to give passed-over games their time in the sun.

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Gh05t622d ago

Ambitious but I don't see it working. $10 a month to play indie games is not going to fly with most people. People already complain about their backlogs of games they haven't gotten around to.

I just feel like this needs to offer something else besides ~100+ indy games of decent to high quality, it needs a little more value for me.

Petebloodyonion622d ago

I don't see this service as a viable solution for different reasons.
1) similar solution exists like Ea access, PS+, Xbox live, Humble Bundle Monthly.
2) 10$ is really expensive when you consider Indy gala, Humble Bundle, Bundlestar, etc... 2$ bundles