Horizon Zero Dawn Named Best Original Score at Jerry Goldsmith Awards

Horizon Zero Dawn's score, composed by Joris de Man and The Flight, has been named the "Best Original Score" at the 12th annual Jerry Goldsmith Awards.

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UCForce2040d ago

Oh yeah ! The soundtrack of Horizon Zero Dawn is beautiful crafted.

Letthewookiewin2039d ago

I bought it too. It's really amazing.

pinkcrocodile752039d ago

Horizon is pretty good, and the music is balanced, with both panpipe hint and even a didgeridoo squirrelled away in there for good measure.

HOWEVER, as good as it is in my opinion the most stunning soundtrack for any game this generation goes to Gareth Coker and Ori and The Blind Forest.

That is the only score I've heard that genuinely bring you to tears, and the orchestration is genuinely sublime. It deserved the golden joystick for it back in 2015/2016

Spurg2040d ago horizon beat neir automata and persona 5.

Asuka2039d ago

I agree. As good as HZD is Nier Automata and Persona 5 had much better OSTs imo its not even close. But to each their own i guess.

sampson31212039d ago

well a panel of people said you're wrong. i say you're wrong, but that's the beautiful thing about opinions.

Asuka2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

@sampson woah dude why so defensive? I never said anyone was wrong. I did say everyone has their own opinion...

Nitrowolf22039d ago


What crawled up ur butt?

Personally, i agree. I thought nier ost was better

guyman2039d ago

Yes100% agree with you. Persona 5 and nier automata are the two games with the best musical scores this generation (along with sunset overdrive) horizon's soundtrack is awesome but it doesnt stand out like in persona or nier

Razzer2039d ago

I thought Persona 5 was on another level with its soundtrack. Probably the best I've ever heard.

And no, sampson3121, the fact that it didn't win the award doesn't change that.

guyman2039d ago


Cool, but i dont care. They're all fantastic games i've had the privellege of playing

Dark_Knightmare22039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

I disagree aloys theme itself is better then anything in neir automata or persona and I wouldn't even include sunset overdrive in the list that game was filled with generic punk rock tunes that weren't anything memorable

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Why o why2039d ago

I would give the nod to persona 5 too but that was a 2016 game.

guyman2039d ago

Good one, i forgot it officially released last year

Spurg2039d ago

It launched in Japan in 2016 and the west in 2017.

-Foxtrot2040d ago

Well Aloys theme is pretty great :3

UCForce2039d ago

Homecoming and City on the Mesa are also great.

lolosgolos2039d ago

Probably the only award it will win

G20WLY2039d ago

Well, no, because it's already won awards..

Kallisti2039d ago

It already won awards at the 2015 and 2016 Game Critics Awards

lolosgolos2039d ago

The same consolation award? It was at E3 twice and has never won best of show #smh.

WeAreLegion2039d ago

It's going to win a few GOTY awards, as well.

Asuka2039d ago

Nah HZD will get many more awards. From its concept to the graphics it has a lot going for it

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PigPen2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

I'm just as excited as I was yesterday. (Knock On Wood)

Dark_Knightmare22039d ago

Lol yeah no it will win some goty awards also

trooper_2039d ago

Jealousy isn't good for your health.

lolosgolos2039d ago

My kid brother was finishing HZD 3days ago. Hes enjoying Mafia 3 more from what i can tell. Taste and jealousy are two different things

trooper_2039d ago

My aunt's grandmother enjoys Gears of War more than Killzone 2./s

See, I can make up stories too!

guyman2037d ago

Horizon is the type of game fankids love to hate

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