Can Metal Gear Survive Save Konami?

In an attempt to keep Metal Gear’s success going after Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Konami is attempting to bring us a survival horror game set in an alternate version of the Metal Gear universe.

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Soulst0rmer2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

Konami is just leaving games but killing their IPs in the process and they dont care. Nothing is for their saving.

There was an awesome fan-made game Castlevania Lacarde Chronicles 2 that released this year on PC and Konami wouldn't bring it to mainstream even despite their approval and that the game had SOTN actors in it. Shame. The Netflix show is also excellent. Konami should let fans carry the legacy and quit being idiots.

Nitrowolf22569d ago

Konami stopped caring about big video gamea a long time ago tbh.

They have cards and gambling that they make the vast of their money.

UCForce2565d ago

This is where I hate Konami after what they did to their employees, not just Kojima himself.

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Mostafeto2568d ago

Konami are kinda out of the market right now, MGSV's release brought them back into it for a relatively short period then they were done.

GamesMaster19822568d ago

Dont care if it saves them or not but im really looking forward to this. It was the game i wanted most this year just because its more METAL GEAR my favorite francise ever.

LordofYogurt2568d ago

How can you fucking possibly be looking forward to this fucking garbage?

GamesMaster19822568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Im sorry i forgot that you have played and finished this so called garbage. The gameplay in Metal Gear V was some of the best gameplay in any game. So more of that gameplay is a good thing for me.

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The_Sage2568d ago

I don't agree with Yogurt, but this is a zombie game, not proper Metal Gear. I would just say, it would be a good idea to manage your expectations.

GamesMaster19822568d ago

I understand that its not the typical Metal Gear, but Rising was not the typical Metal Gear either but that was great. So im not expecting much but hope to be surprised by it.

NarooN2568d ago

Lol I love how you get downvoted solely because you're optimistic about something you're looking forward to. Great community here.

"Oh noez, he's not hating on Konami! Where's muh pitchfork?!?!"

KwietStorm_BLM2568d ago

The game looks like a silly re-skin of MGO, and it has zero purpose in the Metal Gear universe, alternate or not. They're just doing it to grab a fast buck from whomever actually buys this. It looks like trash. That's why.

NarooN2568d ago

"Zero purpose" lol. Also lol @ calling it a cash grab, literally all the MG games were made to make money, this is no different. I've seen a lot of people admit that the game looks interesting to them, so whether or not anybody else thinks it looks bad or whatever doesn't make any difference. I just think it's hilarious how MG has always had outlandish nonsense in it, but the supposed "hardcore" MG fans suddenly draw the line at zombies lol.

If Kojima were making this game, this backlash would be nonexistent.

reaper6022568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

I LOVE the Metal Gear franchise just as much as you do but Im not getting my hopes up for the newest game.

Blank2568d ago

Just here to say that you do have solid points against other users you replied to. The thing is yeah the gameplay is established but the creator and brains is gone. Take that for what it's worth, many people like me have a bias. It's just a shame as a Metal Gear franchise that it has been reduced to a zombie game. They could've used the engine and gameplay to a new IP instead of relying on a legacy IP like Metal Gear.

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The thing that will keep Konami surviving... only in people's heads is the the following.


proudly_X2568d ago

The last meta gear I played was Snake Eater... The franchise is dead! IMO

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Batzi2568d ago

MGSV has the best gameplay in the series so you both missed that.

NarooN2568d ago

Gameplay doesn't save a game with a terrible plot and story lol.

BiggerBoss2568d ago


It's actually extremely fun for like 100 hours. And then you realize the story is going nowhere and isn't anything a real MGS fan would've wanted.

cartoonx12567d ago

the game's plot so boring that its hard to keep going. dont know how some sites gave it 10 rating its beyond reasons.

UCForce2565d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 was also excellent.

ziggurcat2568d ago

MG is nothing without Kojima.

AirJohnston2568d ago

Konami is less than nothing without Kojima.

cartoonx12567d ago

lol with this mindset you will never play a sequel to any game where a certain developer leave the studio. konami is doing ok. no individual is bigger thn the organization itself its a team thing.

ziggurcat2567d ago

I have played those sequels, and they weren't as good. Take Dark Souls 2 as an example: The only one in the series (including Demon's Souls, and Bloodborne) where Miyazaki was not involved, and it's the worst one. I think even God of War: Ascension is another example of one of the original devs leaving, and the game ended up not being as good as the rest of the series.

Believe it or not, the developer does matter.