Sony NOT Co-operating With Adult Film Industry

January 19, 2007 (IDG News Service) -- Sony Corp. said it will not work with the adult film industry to help put its movies on its Blu-ray Disc format, although the company will not try to stop it completely.

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MicroGamer5218d ago (Edited 5218d ago )

about Sony not being against porn on Blu Ray are bullsh1t. It clearly states here that Sony will not allow their mass duplication service to be used for such content. Although they may not be outright banning other duplication services from reproducing porn discs, I am sure they are making their desire to keep porn off the medium known to those companies who bought duplication technology from them. No company making a living off of Sony technology is going to risk throwing their livelihood and considerable investment in technology out the window by partnering with content providers that Sony disapproves of.

Raist5218d ago (Edited 5218d ago )

"Sony dismissed the claims saying it has no control over the licensing of Blu-ray, and has no problem with the adult industry using the format. "There's no prohibition against adult content," Lisa Gephardt, a spokeswoman for Sony Corp. of America, said. "We don't tell people how they can use the licenses they get from the Blu-ray Disc Association."

Indeed, the BDA, which handles all licensing for Blu-ray technology, said in a statement that the group is "an open organization that welcomes the participation of all companies interested in using and supporting the format, including those that represent the full spectrum of genres in the content industry."

Sony's troubles with the adult industry apparently stems from its longstanding policy not to manufacture DVDs or videocassettes with adult content. Sony is one of several companies in the United States that replicates media for entertainment companies. "Sony disc manufacturing will not manufacture adult titles," Gephardt said. "We have never done it, and we have no plans to." The policy, however, is Sony's, AND HAS NO IMPACT ON ANY OTHER COMPANY, the spokeswoman said."

So yeah, what you posted isn't news at all. They've never done it, they won't do it with BRD. But that doesn't mean other companies won't. You think sony is the only one that owns factories to produce BRd's ? c'mooon

CAPS LOCK5218d ago

other companies like TDK would just put the films on blu ray, so it will come but it will take time, but who buys that anyway? most people just downloaded that lol.

Raist5218d ago

Get that "c" off my nickname, thanks <.<

ElementX5218d ago (Edited 5218d ago )

The adult films I've seen are generally not Hollywood state-of-the-art quality. They look like digital home movie cameras at best. Plus, if you want to be cheap, you can fit like 8 hours of low quality porn on a DVD. Why bother with 100 hours of low quality porn on a Bluray? It's more of the same cheap quaity. Porn isn't produced using high definition cameras, but I guess it'll become more popular. I dunno about you, but I can't hold off for 2+ hours while watching a full length movie, I'd take a high quality film on a reg. DVD that isn't 3 hours long.

R34GTR5218d ago

Imagine wat the rest of her looks like in 1080P. lol

Arkham5217d ago

Yeah, you can see her 1080pp! <BA-dumpbump>

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