Stuff review– PS3's Blu-ray comes out on top

UK gadget & electronic entertainment magazine 'Stuff' compares the PS3 Blu-ray player to the competition and says it blows the Samsung BD-P1000 'out of the water.'

"there's more detail and the colours are vibrant, to the point that this is the best next-gen spinner of them all so far."

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Arkham5225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

No, actually it's in concordance with most other reviews. Nice try hateboy(tm).

Oh, I had to edit this because I just realized you're a moron. You do know that they were comparing two Blu-Ray players, and not the PS3 to an HD-DVD player? Right? I'll bet not.

I swear, the next best feature I'd love to see on this site is a "Comment" link that first takes you to the article before you can comment. The hateboys just love posting without reading.

DJ5225d ago

It's unanimous that Playstation 3 is the top HD Movie player on the market, in addition to being the most powerful game console. Looks like Sony's decision to include HDMI 1.3 output was justified.

CG5225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

We all know that your a lieing moron, you talk out your ass and no one cares what you say or think. Becuase when it comes to gaming you dont have a clue.

"It's unanimous that Playstation 3 is the top HD Movie player on the market, in addition to being the most powerful game console"

Oh Please...STFU

shotty5225d ago

I dont want to call you an idiot, but there are NO tvs even capable of HDMI 1.3. Simply put both the ps3 and xbox 360 have more than enough horsepower to output 1080p video, all this extra power gives a great picture. Stop bending over for sony, we are all gamers here. HDMI 1.3 is fully justifiable since alot of the TrueHD audio specs were ommited from blu-ray standards to get the format ready in time, HDMI 1.3 allows that audio to be sent and be processed by the receiver

DJ5225d ago

pushes their console harder than anything else on the market. In comparison, the PS3 can handle 16 simultaneous HD streams without a hitch.

Yeah, no one has HDMI 1.3 tvs yet, but they're coming out pretty soon and the reason it's important is because only 1.3 is capable of outputting 1080p at 60 frames per second.

I don't know why you guys are getting so uptight. I mean, it's not like Microsoft bothered to include HDMI output or anything.

CAPS LOCK5225d ago

at least i know the blu ray player works well. this review was to the point, it had no bs which is a good thing sometimes...nice post Eighthours

kingboy5225d ago

NO! u sh*t up and just listen... God!!

TheMART5225d ago

Just compare yourself:

Proven that they talk bull for sure for anyone that watches the head to head comparing overthere

dbug3605225d ago

Mart both you me and everyone else on this board no that was a very piss poor unethical and unprofessional comparison of HD v.s Blu Ray, you guys just don’t really like good news at all for the ps3

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The story is too old to be commented.