Rant: Wario Land Wii Truly Takes The Cake (Dimension)

From the article:

"What really makes me angry is the amount of praise this game is getting. While it may be a fairly decent game, it wouldn't be out of place on the Nintendo DS or even the GBA (with the addition of the Wario Ware: Twisted peripheral of course) and yet they have the nerve to charge consumers thirty pounds for the pleasure of playing it, making it a full priced title retailing for the same as, say, Super Mario Galaxy…"

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Voiceofreason3722d ago

Wait... this clown actually thinks this game would run on the DS? Wow.. how do you get to be a game reviewer and not even understand simple concepts about gaming? No way this would run on DS or Gameboy.. Also whats wrong with 5 hour games? Hevenly sword and many other PS3 games are 60.00 for 5 hours but we should all lynch Nintendo for trying to sale a game of the same length for 10.00 less?Yeah lets do this site a favor and not approve it.

Smacktard3721d ago

Apparently games that are as amazing as some of the greatest old-school 2-D platformers of the 90s and 80s aren't worth today what they used to be worth because durr hurr dey rnt in tree-dee %D


Product3721d ago

funny......this guy thinks a entirely Hand Drawn 2d platformer could be run on a ds or lol gba.
just hilarious
ill agree with you Voice,hell even Megaman 9 can be finished in 30 minutes and it has more replayability then most next gen games.
this guy was obviously born in the 90's