Killzone Shadow Fall Director Leaves Guerrilla Games

Just recently, Killzone: Shadow Fall’s director, Steven ter Heide, announced that he just left Guerrilla Games to start something new.

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UCForce565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

Best of luck, my friend.

thekhurg565d ago

Shadow Fall was really fun. Hopefully he does well in the future.

blackblades565d ago

Pretty sure he's not your friend, but yeah best of luck to him.

Null1980565d ago

You're right, my friend, but what does it matter?

fenome565d ago

We go way back, what are you talking about?

Oh wait, nevermind, you're just criticizing someone's form of speech.

fenome565d ago

Apparently that one went over people's heads. Lmao

Bolts565d ago

This N4G. The entire comment section is probably consists of 3 guys posting under 10 accounts so you're probably his friend too.

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GottaBjimmyb565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

Honestly, not that worried, I never liked killzone, always was just a meh shooter, so much more impressed with horizon, so maybe it means GG will be going in a new direction. I would love another new IP or even a sequel to horizon would be great too.

They are down to 1 studio (not to say only one game necessarily) so would be much happier to see killzone go away than another new IP or horizon sequel.

InTheZoneAC565d ago

Kz 2 was one of the best mp fps of last gen, it pained to see 3 and shadow fall be so limited in size compared to 2. I did have fun in SF mp, need to play campaign one day...

Killzone single player has always been ok, nothing great but not bad. I thought K12 was terrible, 2 was great, 3 was alright

madforaday564d ago

That is the problem with gaming, people will just take their opinion and say something that solely benefits them while thinking of no one else. What about the million people who do like Killzone? I get it, you don't like it which is fine but wishing a developer stop making a game that loved by many is just ignorant. Killzone definitely needed a break and I happy they are even if Horizon did poorly. Shadowfall had a great MP but the SP was the first Killzone to lack in the SP part. It was the only one I just couldn't finish. I really should go back to it but I already sold it, so maybe when it comes to PS+.

Exoil564d ago

I liked Killzone 2 best out of the four KZ games we got. Especially the MP.
I enjoyed the campaigns of all four games but I couldn't really play the MP in Shadow Fall because for some weird reason it gave me headaches. I never gotten that from other games but after 20 minutes of Shadow Fall my head would start pounding.

GottaBjimmyb564d ago

@mad Geez, you are quite the hypocrite. You whine because I said I prefer they focus on new IPs or a horizon sequel rather than more killzone, an claim I have to change my opinion because you like killzone? No thanks, you clearly are living in some superiority complex or something.

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-Foxtrot565d ago

Oh this is awful...I really really wanted a Shadow Fall sequel just like the first one.
I'm tearing up inside


Outside_ofthe_Box565d ago

Good riddance was my thoughts as well.

Fishy Fingers565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

He was also a design manager on H:ZD, producer on KZ2/Liberation (best 2 in the franchise). Good riddance? No need to be a d***. He's done plenty of good for GG over the years. A little appreciation wouldn't go amiss. So fickle.

Razzer565d ago

Yeah...I agree. Why shit on the guy for one mediocre game?

Orpheo565d ago

My 3 favorite installments in the KZ franchise are 3, Mercenary, & 1; I hated 2 and really disliked Shadow Fall but I hope he does well elsewhere.

fenome565d ago

Yeah, I'm sure you've contributed so much more to the industry...


naruga565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

@Fox i dont get you sarcasm ...i didnt like any in particular KZ game ....but i consider KZ ShadowFall far better than the previous ones.....

Mr-Dude565d ago

Killzone 2 is still the best imo... Shadowfall was meh. It was a fine launch game, that's it.

Studio-YaMi565d ago

I actually do and many other people want it as well, you don't need to be a prick about it or about him leaving, the man did his job and KZ:SF was a good game.

Show some respect!

KillZallthebeast565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

It's clearly not a popular opinion, but yeah I thought shadow fall was one of the worst killzone entries in the series

Edit: didn't know he worked on horizon as well so clearly he had talent. I still stand by my statement about shadow fall being mediocre XD

KillZallthebeast565d ago

I'm in a bad mood one of you disagrees tell me why and I will tell you why you are wrong

Mr-Dude565d ago

You are not wrong... I didn't enjoy it that much as I hoped.

madforaday564d ago

The SP was very lacking but the MP was really fun, you need to understand what each class did and make sure you used it the right way. If you didn't you will get spawn camped which happened often but that was because people would camp and not PTFO. One of the most important classes was the class that can deploy a respawn for your teammates. If your team didn't do that than you probably would be getting spawn camped. Killzone 2 is the pinnacle of the series easily.

UCForce565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

Hey, stop with that insulting joke. He was with GG for 12 years. The guy have been worked on HZD and KZ2/Liberation.

Gority565d ago

I don't know if I've ever seen you post a comment where you weren't complaining or just being negative.

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MegamanXXX565d ago

I didn't like Shadow fall. I only liked Killzone 2

colonel179565d ago

Killzone 2 was a masterpiece that will be incredibly hard to surpass. Killzone 3 was ruined by COD fanboys that wouldn't even play Killzone in the first place.

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snoopgg565d ago

Killzone 3 campaign was really good I thought. I didn't care for its mp, killzone 2 was a great campaign and mp.

FITgamer565d ago

Yep I was addicted to KZ2 multi-player, until Bad Company 2 released.

TheColbertinator565d ago

Killzone 2 MP was damn good. 3 had its MP butchered by COD fanbase demands.

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fenome565d ago

He was a Producer on that too, the headline only mentions one thing he worked on looking for hits. C'mon guys

rezzah565d ago

KZ2 was and still is the best KZ.

Waiting for it to return to it's glory.

ArchangelMike565d ago

All the best for the future. I've played every single Killzone game, and loved every single one of them, and Horizon Zero Dawn was absolutely amazing.

Thank you for all your hard work, it is much appreciated.

Dirtnapstor565d ago

Don't understand why people demonize an entire franchise because they didn't care for the MP. It's only one component of the entire KZ universe. Loved all the campaigns.

OhReginald565d ago

Awe I was hoping he would stick around for the next killzone game.

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