If Assassin’s Creed Was Made as Early PSX Game?

98Demake’s guys try to rewrite the glorious history of the Assassin’s Creed series by re-imagining the first chapter as PlayStation 1 title as an attempt at recreating a modern gaming kolossal in late 90′s graphical style.

Screenshots and gameplay of “Assassin’s Creed 1998″ shows the homescreen, menus, a primitive HUD and grotesque fighting scenes. Infinity texture, primitive animations, graphic detail minimized: ah, nostalgia!

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Soulst0rmer565d ago

Their videos are very creative.

Liqu1d565d ago

Looks better than Unity.

NeptuneGames565d ago

...and runs smoother too XD ...

Relientk77565d ago

Omg lol

I love PS1 games and would totally play this

porkChop565d ago

Why do people refer to the PS1 as the PSX? I don't get it. The PSX was an entirely different device that was only released in Japan.

2pacalypsenow565d ago

The PlayStation had many abbreviations, including PSX

jreeves82565d ago

Wrong. The psx was a system only released in Japan. It was a ps1 with a dvr.

2pacalypsenow565d ago (Edited 565d ago )

If you look at the history of PlayStation, the code name for the PS1 was PSX.

And the console named PSX was a PS2 with a DVR, not a PS1

Liqu1d564d ago

"A larger sticking point, however, was PlayStation branding. SCEA hated the name and wanted to change it to PSX, a contraction of the project’s codename. “This was actually a huge internal battle, to the point where there was research done among consumer groups,” says Harrison, who, having seen various youth groups reacting badly to the name PlayStation, had his own fears about it. “I remember thinking, ‘Oh my God, the name is bombing and everyone is going to hate it’. I shared the information with Tokunaka-san, and he said, ‘Oh, that’s nothing, you should have heard what people said about Walkman’. And that pretty much ended the debate.” In Europe, at least: the US nevertheless went ahead with early trade promotion, calling it PSX, and had even come up with its own mascot, Polygon Man."


TheOttomatic91565d ago

Holy shit that's awesome 👏

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