N4G Guideline Update: Long Overdue Edition

As of today, N4G will be using a new set of guidelines for communication, submissions, and reporting. Please follow the link below to the blog post that will direct you to the appropriate pages.

These guidelines supersede those shown in the footer and will be linked to by the moderators when moderating the content of N4G moving forward.

It is important for contributors especially to take note of the new guidelines.

Any future updates to these guidelines will be notified via a post like this.

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lptmg561d ago

you better start looking out for some users spouting bigot and racist comments towards other countries round here as well

totally unrelated, I know, but it's happening and nothing is being done about it

561d ago
subtenko560d ago

welcome to a slippery slop then because Ive seem people labeled bigot or racist for the most random idiodic things. Someone labeled sexist just because they say they like playing as a male character even tho the protagonist is female.

5 years from now it'll be worse and you'll wonder where did it all go wrong.....

lptmg560d ago

Eh dude I don't think that's quite the same as being blasted as a famished prick from the shit third world just because I wasn't born north of the border...

aaronaton559d ago

Freedom of Speech states otherwise, say what you want and let the public reflect upon it.

fenome561d ago

Right on, keep up the good work guys! I've noticed that you've been clearing the spam out too, much appreciated! :)

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SpaceRanger561d ago

Glad there's updates to the guidelines!
My only small bit of feedback is that the reporting of "Off Topic" seems much less common since the Bible feature was dropped. Any chance we could flag for 'off-topic' content? It could possibly solve a lot of the trolling issues.

Christopher561d ago

With the new system it seems the developers want just 'inappropriate' and 'spam' types of flagging. Inappropriate flagging should be made for any comment that breaks our guidelines and isn't spam, including Off Topic.

Tons of off topic comments do get marked, but definitely not all.

SpaceRanger561d ago

Appreciate the clarity!

freshslicepizza560d ago

So is there any relevance at all towards the agree and disagree feature?

SpaceRanger561d ago

*bible was meant to be bubble


UltraNova561d ago

I was like, Space takes this... religiously serious! Hehe