Why 'Crash Team Racing' Needs To Be The Next Step In The Series Revival

With Crash Bandicoot hitting the top of the UK sales charts and modern gamers falling in love all over again - is Crash Team Racing the next logical step?

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chrisx475d ago

Make this happen Sony! Love CTR, even prefer it to mario kart. I.e n64 mario kart

addictedtochaos475d ago

Agreed. If they did this changing absolutely nothing other than make it pretty and add online play. They would have an instant competitor to Mario Kart.

Liqu1d475d ago

Definitely, but knowing Activision they would probably add loot boxes.

Kosic475d ago

I agree, I didn't play CTR, and didn't really enjoy Crash Bandicoot, but there isn't really anything out there that tackles the MK series. We had Mod Nation Racers which was a lot of fun, till the A.I got way out of hand, we could use more kart racers.

PurpHerbison474d ago

I thought the Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed game was way better than a lot of Mario Karts.

bluefox755475d ago

A new CTR game would be fantastic.

-Foxtrot475d ago

We need it to push Nintendo into taking bigger risks with Mario Kart.

S-Word474d ago

Because that worked so well with ModNation Racers & LittleBigPlanet Karting.

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The story is too old to be commented.