360 vs. PS3 - Dead Space-Off

Looks like EA has unleashed another brilliant marketing scheme that is sure to fuel arguments from fanboys about which color is cooler (blu-ray blue or 360 neon yellow?). Instead of releasing the same content for both systems, they have gone the Soulcalibur 4 route and released console specific content that should make your decision over which version to purchase that much more difficult.

Okay not really. It's basically a palette swap and neither really has any advantage/disadvantage unless your particularly fond of, or adverse to one of the color schemes.

I think I'm slightly leaning towards the blue team on this one…. but if the 360 had done 'Red Ring Red' I would've been all over it.

Check out the full pics at

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UltimateIdiot9113667d ago

Yellow is an odd color choice for the 360. It could have at least been green?

MAR-TYR-DOM3667d ago

"XBL pwns PSN"
Who gives a rats ass, this game has no online component!

HowarthsNJ3667d ago

Does the suit get upgraded as the game progresses?

knamelis3667d ago


And Blu-Ray doesn't play a role either... but I still included it in my joke. the whole jokes is that im exaggerating the 'console wars' thing into something very inconsequential like a pallette swap exclusive character thing.

tongue-in-cheek. look it up.

Qbanboi3667d ago

I love the Neon Yellow, but i think i'm going for the Ps3 version, last time i checked the game was been made in that system.

TheXgamerLive3667d ago

Besides it doesn't even look yellow anyway's. Some "ignunt foo" wrote this I suppose.

If true then The Neon Xbox 360 Green would be fantastic to me, I'd def. prefer it.

navyguy213667d ago

Hey, EA, how about a little less color coding and a little more DRM fixing ok!!

bunbun7773667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

I know from reading there are apx 6 suits to get in the game, it would seem that the suits themselves are different, not console specific- if it isnt EA saying this than its probably speculation.

EDIT---I take it all back! TY Marcus Fenix with your link down below--its an additional console specific suit.

Rusted3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

What a hell are you talking about you mofo?

BTW, the 360 color looks like urine. No offense, seriously.

villevalorox3667d ago

looks like a light green to me

BISHOP-BRASIL3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

LOL @ XGamer and Villevalorox

Are you guys really gonna try and distort a color to make the version for you console of choice look better? I mean, come on, this isn't even official, even look pretty photoshopped.

@ All

It could have been purple, orange or didn't-payed-the-light-bill Black for all I care.

I'm not buying this piece of crap before, worse now if they really trying to put this cheap attempt to get some media space/hype based on fanboy wars.

MiloGarret3666d ago

"BTW, the 360 color looks like urine. No offense, seriously. "

ROFL... I thought the exact same thing. If I cared about these things I'd def opt for blu one, but I don't so...

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qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

Do not approve this. Those are the character artwork recently revealed by EA. They are not promotional, your choice between the 360 and PS3 version is just that, no color specific console war crapola.

AssassinHD3667d ago

I am digging the obsidian suit. I think it is very sleek.

Rhezin3667d ago

between 360 and ps3 versions but moronic ps3 fanboys always seem to find a difference, do you really want to live for that? Where's the joy? Just play the freakin game. YOU started this war ps3 fanboys. You can be the ones to end it. Set an example. Let there be peace.... but if there's not going to be. I'm going to rain down HELL on you.

Veryangry_bot3667d ago

Developers never go the extra mile when there is no need to.

Be sure to turn on Superwhite OR FULL RGB (TV dependant) and you will see how PS3 multi platform have always looked the same, if not BETTER.

On the exclusive fronts, PS3 wins HANDS DOWN. Its exclusives are miles and miles ahead of the 3rd60 exclusives.

AngryTypingGuy3666d ago

More times than not, the only way to truly tell a slight difference between console version of a multiplat game is by pausing the screen and closely examining it.

That's why I laugh at everyone who waited to get a PS3 because they thought it was going to blow the 360 out of the water. You should get a console because of its games.

dukadork3666d ago

you're only proving 1 thing we already knew: multiplats are scaled on the lowest common denominator: wow that was deep! i'm totally fine with it, i just need them to be avaliable on my platform so i don't have to buy a POS console :)

but ps3 is now getting killer exclusives that the 360 cannot match technically, creatively, in scope, in scale and in quantity... it's a complete pwnage, i'm afraid

c'mon, you really wanna pitch too human, bongo jazool, [email protected], viva pinacollada, gears of nada2 against MGS4, resistance2, wipeoutHD, LBP, Killzone2, SOCOM, inFamous?

you xb!tches are funny!

Raoh3667d ago

from what i remember reading, yes you do upgrade your suit as you progress through the game.