Hands-on With Outcast – Second Contact: Nostalgically Dated but Visually Improved | EB

EB: Remakes and remasters are tricky business, but a tactic many developers and publishers will continue to employ as new generations of gamers get older and want to revisit games from their past with modern design touches. It’s a hit or miss tactic, and there are camps for both sides of the coin. Some would prefer nothing but new IPs and sequels, while others enjoy a nostalgic trip down video game memory lane, so in the case of Outcast: Second Contact, I urge both parties to try it out before making a sweeping judgment on its merits one way or another.

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Lon3wolf470d ago

Didn't know this being done, I did start Outlast but got side tracked by something else. Think I will pick this up to try again.