Phil Harrison worries about Sony and MS focus on core gamers

Former Sony and Microsoft executive feels Switch has an "opportunity to play to the wider audience".

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naruga2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Phil Harrison that nearly doomed every consoles he worked on , worries if the successful strategy of todays consoles (at least Sony s) will work.........man you ve no right to speak ...go back to your closet , skeleton of the past

XiNatsuDragnel2571d ago

At least I'm saving the world are you doing?

VideoGamesAreDumb2570d ago

"Phil Harrison that nearly doomed every consoles he worked on"

He worked on the PS1, PS2, and PS3. What are you even talking about?

Krysis2570d ago

It's funny you got so many agrees when like the person said above he worked on some of the most successful consoles of all time.

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Zeref2571d ago

Brother, Switch is cool but the hardware needs refining. Battery life is way to short.

XiNatsuDragnel2571d ago

True that Nii san, but everyone in Magnolia seems to enjoy it😏

TheColbertinator2570d ago

lol you two are funny.

Where are Juvia and Erza when I need them?

XiNatsuDragnel2570d ago


I don't know, and thank god No Erza she'll beat my butt. Btw Where's Gray, Lucy, Wendy, and Gajeel?

GamingCentaur2570d ago

Is that why the PS4 outsold it last month?

vongruetz2571d ago

So Phil is worried about the two companies he worked for... and coincidentally when he was in charge at each was also their respective low points. He doesn't really have a great track record at gaming companies.

Pintheshadows2570d ago

Didn't he leave Sony for Atari?

DeathtoOtakuDJ2570d ago

Sony, Atari, and finally Xbox. Yes, you are correct.

zypher2570d ago

To be fair, Harrison was also at Sony during PlayStation's formative PS1 and PS2 eras, where they had the strongest third-party support of any system since the NES. And he was instrumental in WWS, which was probably PS3's biggest saving grace.

oof462570d ago

Everybody only remembers the extremes.

andrewsquall2570d ago

That's actually true. Phil also saw the potential in Singstar, Eyetoy and Buzz which helped sell millions upon millions more PS2 consoles in Europe. When he tried to tell Sony/PlayStation Japan and US that they should release the games there too, they laughed and said nobody would sit around a console to play games like that.
When the Wii launched and changed everybody's opinion on what a "casual console" was to the masses, he was very bitter over it.

Why o why2571d ago

Filed under patcherism

The opposite will be true

-Foxtrot2571d ago

Oh well why don't you ask for a job at Nintendo then

May as well be a slut and finish going around everyone

Derceto2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

lol Phil Harrison. I would take whatever he says, and bet on the opposite. Failure incarnate.

How the heck this guy has had the positions he's had, is well beyond me.

RommyReigns2570d ago

It's like questioning how Pachter is still an analyst

porkChop2570d ago

Yeah, he failed really hard when he was involved with the PS 1 and 2, right? He failed real hard with the PS3 despite it coming back in sales and being a phenomenal console, right? The issues with the PS3 weren't even his fault at all, you can blame the Japanese arm of PlayStation for that. Phil Harrison has been in the industry for 30+ years. He knows the industry inside and out, and understands gaming far more than you ever will. Stop pretending you're the expert here because you don't know jack shit.

RememberThe3572570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

Regardless, this is not something I want to hear. When I hear Mass market I hear lowest common denominator and those aren't the kind of experiences I'm looking for from any of the console makers. His perspective is not focused on quality content but mass appeal and thats just lame.

_-EDMIX-_2570d ago

"He failed real hard with the PS3 despite it coming back in sales"


He left Sony in 2008..


PS3 might have done better for him LEAVING vs staying.


Sooooo he sorta has a track record for leaving when things get bad, like real bad lol


1 year after leaving Sony bud.

Years Later Atari would go out of business. He doesn't have the best track record for knowing what he's talking about.

" he failed really hard when he was involved with the PS 1 and 2, right?"

Pretty sure he didn't make PS1 or PS2 alone either bud, pretty damn sure it wasn't 1 dude named Phil Harrison LMFAO!

Please bud, you are ready to suck up to anyone that states even anything remotely positive about Switch. You'd convert to Satanism if the devil himself had positive things to say about the Switch.

The core gamers are what are keeping PS, XB and PC community afloat, the same community the LEFT Wii U TO FAIL!

MS and Sony still focus on other genres outside of "Core" ie Sea Of Thieves, Dreams, Tomorrow Children, Ori, Until Dawn etc

Sony and MS have spread themselves out pretty good, enough to clearly have them destroy Wii U, even with Wii U having a headstart against BOTH platforms.

Phil Harrison knows the industry so much, he left Sony for the better to have PS3 turn out BETTER when he left?

He knows so much Atari went out of business?

He knows SOOOOOO much that XONE is losing to PS4?

You sure?

Business isn't this 100% guaranteed thing, its clear over the years he's bet wrong and many companies seem to do BETTER when he leaves them, then when he is with them.

If he wants to focus on stupid casuals, thats fine, he can make facebook games, iphone games etc, the industry doesn't need any more suits looking to gamble on fads.

He can take that trash to facebook and phones, leave that out of core gaming.

Ask Wii U how that turned out for them, you know...the one that failed?