Final Fantasy XII PS4 vs. PS2 Visual & Load Time Comparison (Direct-Feed Footage)

A visual comparison of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age on PS4 to those of Final Fantasy XII on PS2.

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DigitalRaptor472d ago

Gorgeous game, great upgrade.

Can't wait to dig in, in a few days.

471d ago
leahcim471d ago

I am happy that new comers can taste the magic of this masterpiece!

DeathtoOtakuDJ471d ago

Ohhh, I forgot how amazing that town theme is!

solideagle471d ago

I still think vaan shouldn't exist and story sucks. Gameplay was ace but i never experienced will purchase it after price drop

NapalmSanctuary471d ago (Edited 471d ago )

I'm still debating whether or not to buy it, myself. This WAS the one that drove me to try the ff games from ps1 and before (cause it disappointed me so bad, story wise), but its still so much better than most JRPGS that have come out, since.

solideagle471d ago

I think you should try it if you have not played zodiac and it has a speed mode for fast grinding...