Bayonetta 2 director draws new art as Switch speculation ensues

PlatinumGames has opened a brand new Twitter account for its Japanese fans. To celebrate, Yusuke Hashimoto drew new Bayonetta art.

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EddieNX 2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Do the double pack but on Switch in 1080p 60 👍

rivaldoo7772274d ago

This makes switch much more appealing. NS is becoming a beast!

LOL_WUT2273d ago

How? As a Switch owner there's only a small selection of titles to choose from ;)

rivaldoo7772273d ago

If you have a Ps4 as primary
And Switch as a secondary
Than it will be solved wouldn't it?

XiNatsuDragnel2274d ago

Bayonetta 2 on Switch or Bayonetta 3 ?

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RosweeSon2273d ago

The whole trilogy with a bit of luck.

badz1492273d ago

Bayo2 I think. just like how Nintendo are bringing Wii U ports to the Switch, Bayo2 would be a given by now. I doubt they are working on Bayo3 just yet.

TekoIie2274d ago

Shantae for Switch was teased in the exact same way using red and blue.

Great news if it's Bayo2 for Switch because that game is easily in my top 5 Wii U games so it'll be a blast to play through again.

RosweeSon2273d ago

I never got round to starting mine got the first print edition may just hold out and grab again on switch ;) loved first one even if it handed my ass to me on a plate.

TekoIie2273d ago

At the very least give the first level a go (I think it's in the online demo too). It has 2 incredible boss fights in it that are some of the most memorable I've played.

Asuka2274d ago

would love to pick up the games on Switch as i never got a chance to play either.

DaFeelz2274d ago

For the love of God! PLEASE!!!!