BlackSite: Area 51 First Details, Screens and Trailer

In the early part of 2005, Midway rejuvenated its alien-centric lightgun shooter franchise on the PC, Xbox and PlayStation 2 with Area 51. The game was a pleasant surprise all around, boasting fantastic visuals (especially on the consoles) and an engaging storyline that wound tighter and tighter as it progressed. This summer, Midway Studios - Austin will unleash its sequel on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC in the form of BlackSite: Area 51.

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Silver Bull3t5228d ago

better have LIVE co-op.....

Sphinx5228d ago

...I dunno. I'm not really excited about this game at all. I'll probably rent it for something to play on one of those bad weather weekends where I'm wanting to waste some time.

bigmack5228d ago

I'll rent it too. Didn't really like the first one, so i hope this will be good. Im just waiting until they have out the demo for Lair on the PS store

Legionaire20055228d ago

This game looks impressive, in fact, it looks better than the original. Look at the Havoc physics in this game and the Aliens. I might buy this game.

Havince5228d ago

Loved the one on ps2 was great. and im glad there is FINALLY some info on this its been very quiet

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