Videogamer: Mushroom Men Development Diary

Videogamer writes: "Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars is an original platforming IP coming to Wii later this year. With the game due out soon we'll be brining you a series of development diaries from key members of the Red Fly Studio dev team, highlighting certain areas of the game and some of the techniques that have been used. First up is an article by Lead Programmer and Combat Designer Kain Shin, in which he discusses the Wii game's melee combat system.

Melee combat in Mushroom Men is essentially the bread and butter of the combat system, and so it was very important that it felt fun for the user to do, without becoming frustrating or repetitive. The most basic means of achieving this would be the three-hit-combo. I actually fought against the idea of a combo at the beginning of development, but others on the team really expected to have this. I eventually realized that the combo allows for less emphasis on precision during combat, which is good because it makes combat less frustrating for novice players. To reward those who can be precise enough to make contact with all three hits of their combos, there is actually a graduation in damage for the three hit combo (50%, 75%, 100%) such that each hit of the combo becomes more powerful than the one before."

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