Ranking from Worst to Best: Crash Bandicoot Games

Lex: How about let’s take a trip back to memory lane and see what were the best main Crash games.

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Relientk771131d ago

Crash 3 Warped, and 2 are my favs for the main games

Crash Team Racing is amazing and Crash Bash is fun

naruga1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

the article puts CB1 -4thplace and Crash Lame sanity -2th ...are they totaly fing serious???.....(CB1>CB2> CB3)=CRT>>>>>ev erything else

Lynx02071130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

For me (CB3=CB2> CB1)=CRT>>>>>ev erything else. Imo Crash was terrible in PS2 era.

SilentSolid1130d ago

Twinsanity And Ctr are my favorites (And still playing CTR from time to time). Not the biggest fan of the first 3 games,. Not that they are bad, But I rather play something like rayman legends or mario. They often have better precision to the platforming, and 60 fps has a lot to do with it. Also easier to get a sense of speed with those games while crash is a bit limited with his abilites.

Zjet1130d ago

Missed heaps of games including Crash Purple on GBA, Racing titles, Crash Bash and Crash Boom Bang on DS