The Catch-22 of Souls games’ stories and why they must remain the same

Ross loves Souls games. Admittedly, he got on the train a little late: He's never played Demon’s Souls and he Dark Souls II and III queued up, ready to go. However, from Dark Souls and Bloodborne, undoubtedly two of the strongest of the five in the franchise, here's what he believes about the franchise's method of telling stories.

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TheOttomatic91527d ago

There's a story in SoulsBorne games? I know I offended a lot of people just now but the "story" in those kinds games always went over my head and I never gave a shit.

It's always been the combat and gameplay that made me a fan of the Souls series.

Eiyuuou527d ago

There's a big difference between not caring about it and denying its existence.

Nobody gets upset about the former, but the latter is just stupidity at its finest.

Summons75527d ago

Which is why the way the present the story works in this rare instance. It's meant for the gameplay but if you want to know the story or backstory/lore/characters all that information is easily at your fingertips if you take 5 minutes to look but it's okay if you don't want too and want to slaughter demons

Silkside527d ago (Edited 527d ago )

Yeah but having g a story would Complete the package. How can anyone claim having a coherent story would not add value to the soul games is beyond me.

jerethdagryphon527d ago

There not the rype of game that needs narrative driving it via cuscenes and missions. Its subtle story telling

Summons75527d ago

There is a story and it's pretty in depth.

Injusticewarrior527d ago (Edited 527d ago )

Played 2/5ths of the games. Come back when you've finished your homework.

"He's never played Demon’s Souls and he (has)* Dark Souls II and III queued up, ready to go."