Microsoft Games We Want Remade

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "We have reached the last part of our picks of games that should be remade. Microsoft’s Xbox brand is the youngest of the three major players in the console making business, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their fare share of IP’s to play with. With a flashy new console iteration with the Xbox One X, now is the perfect time to bring back some older IP’s in the 4K spotlight. Having said that, here is our take on which games that Microsoft should remake for this generation."

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darthv72479d ago

stubs the zombie and blinx I'd like to see remade or better yet... proper sequels.

gangsta_red479d ago

Perfect Dark and Battletoads

FlyShootRaceSims479d ago

Over G Fighters and Chromehounds!

GamePeace479d ago

The first Fable entries?

darthv72478d ago

Technically... Fable was remade in Fable Anniversary on 360. Rather than just a remaster, it was remade with new assets and textures and given proper widescreen support.

GamePeace478d ago

I missed it, because I sold my 360 at some point and stopped following everything regarding it.

darthv72478d ago

Fable Anniversary is supposed to be coming to the 360 bc for xbo. not sure when though but when it does you can play it. I'd imagine the og fable being on the og bc for xbo as well but you are still better off playing the anniversary one.

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