Will Uncharted: Golden Abyss make its way to the PS4? "Anything is possible" says Naughty Dog

When PS Vita and PSP ports are slowly coming to the PS4, it might be possible for Uncharted: Golden Abyss to make its way to the platform too.

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XiNatsuDragnel1192d ago

Nice naughty gods at it again

thatguyhayat1191d ago

Wrong studio dude. Its the ones who are making days gone

naruga1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

these games (Uncharted golden abyss and Killzone Mercenary ) imo were the cause of demise of PSVita....the console (Sony basically) relied on western made game which were overhyped and selled well on PS3 (because the lack of exclusives that time but generally had medicore appeal (and imo always mediocre quality also) ..these games failed and Sony instead of keeping the support to the console with AAA japanese devs and let the console literally bloom, ditched the support whole together , most lame descision by Sony ever much i loved the legendary PSP so much i hated Sony for Vita

XiNatsuDragnel1191d ago

Oh thanks man didn't read that

_-EDMIX-_1191d ago

lol I'd say neither.

Its likely Blue Point games would do the port job considering that is what they actually do. They did the collection, so I'd see Sony giving them the contract for a PS4 version of Abyss

rainslacker1190d ago


Both UC:GA and KZ:M were very good games. They didn't really get the credit they deserved. They were a victim of the "Vita has no games" and no matter what they did to support it, people, and often the media, wouldn't give them credit for delivering games.

I can see why Sony would "rely" on them, because PSP really took off when MGS and GT released on it. Sony promoted a console experience on the go, and those kinds of games gave a console experience. While KZ:M wasn't a full experience, a lot of the other games on the vita in the first couple years certainly were.

The failure of the software came from Sony's inability to sell the hardware and get more western support. It was never lacking eastern support, but that eastern support ended up being a way to criticize the Vita as some pervy Japanese system.

I loved the Vita, but I felt that Sony didn't go far enough or wasn't persistent enough to make something happen. I feel Sony was more concerned with preventing piracy, that they made the system less appealing as a whole by making things which just don't attract the customer. Over priced memory cards, Content Manager, inability to use the same memory card for multiple regions, etc were all things which turned people away, or at least gave the impression that the system wasn't worth owning.

RommyReigns1188d ago


Killzone Mercenary was fricking awesome, so good that it was better than the PS4 Killzone game from the parent company. 6 awesome and well developed maps plus Blood Gracht and Tharsis Depot, and the story mode was great as well. A shame that CoD Blops Declassified murdered interest in the Vita before KZ:M released otherwise we could still be seeing Guerilla Cambridge today.

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TitanUp1191d ago

I don't see anything great about Naughty Dog saying "possible". They are a great company and I try to play everything they release but your statement doesn't match the article.

RememberThe3571191d ago

I don't see it either. They say the same thing about Jak, and I dont think we'll get that any time soon, or ever.

Deep-throat1191d ago

Naughty Dog isn't even in the top 10.

TitanUp1191d ago

Serious? I completely disagree I think Naughty Dog is number one. My opinion of course.

BrettAwesome1191d ago

Well...then who is? Please name your personal top 10 devs

Dark_Knightmare21191d ago

Why are you here everyone knows you're a Sony troll so seriously why come to Sony articles. Nd are def top 10 hell top 3 in gaming and there's plenty out there to prove that so yeah nice try. Listen go see a therapist or talk to mommy and daddy and ask them for help do something instead of wasting time trolling for a company who doesn't know you or care about you it's truly sad and you need help

_-EDMIX-_1191d ago

Come on bruh, you know MS doesn't have 10 teams...

RommyReigns1191d ago

Deep-throat, guess what... you now hold the rolling 'Most Deluded Comment on N4G - June 2017' award! Naughty Dog are easily one of the finest developers around - not opinion but legitimately considered throughout the gaming industry.

Rimeskeem1191d ago

They are too good. They are like top 0

1191d ago
snoopgg1191d ago

Oh go play some Scalebound. Haha

rainslacker1190d ago

Top ten what?

Not in the Top Ten Xbox developers?

Yeah, I guess you're right.

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-Foxtrot1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

I think a good Uncharted Collection next gen would be good...the Ultimate collection including Lost Legacy and Golden Abyss.

Maybe get Drakes Fortune - Drakes Deception to run on the U4 engine and have a similar style to it, like the layout etc.

Ceaser98573611191d ago

i want it on PS4.. didnt play this game.. since i didnt owe the vita

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PhoenixUp1192d ago

Can Daxter come to PS4 as well

nucky641191d ago

love to see J&D but ND keeps saying "not at this time".

RosweeSon1191d ago

Ordering the new uncharted lost legacy Is it it says I'll get a free download for Jack and daxter precursor legacy. I guess that's PS4 version but prob wrong gsme you guys are are after I'm not too clued up on jak and daxter remember them on ps2 tho

PhoenixUp1191d ago

Naughty Dog didn't make Daxter

ocelot071190d ago

Yes they did but didn't do the PSP games I think Ready At Dawn did the ones.

PhoenixUp1190d ago

That PSP game is the one that I'm talking about. Naughty Dog didn't make Daxter, Ready at Dawn did like you said.

Summons751191d ago

Probably the worst one in the series, though still a fun game, but I can imagine with a little work they can fix a lot of the issues and make it enjoyable.

AspiringProGenji1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

I like it better than the first and the 3rd due to all the exploration and collect-a-ton treasure and puzzling things together. I really wanted ND to carry some of that stuff over U4. Bend Studios seem to have a much better idea of what Uncharted exploration can be than ND themselves

luckytrouble1191d ago

I would say in some ways it is stronger than Uncharted 3 and held a lot of potential as a handheld offering. Getting Bluepoint on porting it would likely have great results and really polish up some of the original rougher edges.

OB1Biker1191d ago

It was very enjoyable...on the Vita. Main fault was with too much swiping IMO. I'm not sure it d be as enjoyable on PS4 though. It's uncharted alright though so it's nice for people to play all of them.

rainslacker1190d ago

Yeah, the little mini games to show off the Vita features were mostly lame. I can see some things brushing off stuff using the touch pad, everything else can go and not be missed.

Deep-throat1191d ago

The worst one is Uncharted 4: Walker's End

1191d ago
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bluefox7551191d ago

That would be awesome, I never got to play this.

Kurisu1191d ago

You're not missing much, really. It was a good game, especially for a handheld, but it lacked the "wow" factor of the Naughty Dog games.

Abnor_Mal1191d ago

In your own words it sounds like he would be missing a "good game". The "wow" factor of the Naughty Dog games was probably missing be cause it was a Sony Bend game, but I'm just guessing.

I also would like to play this game as I never got a chance, because I don't own a Vita, but have the game as a "free" PS Plus offering some years ago.

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yeahright21190d ago

It was a really good game. I'd say about on par with uncharted 3, better than 1 but admittedly, 2 and 4 stand head and shoulders above all of those.