Marvel Games Exec Talks Batman: Arkham's Lasting Influence

Marvel Games vice president and executive producer Mike Jones discusses his philosophy towards creating and managing the production of superhero games and how the success of Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham series affected his approach.

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gangsta_red839d ago

That is the next stage in super hype, having a DC/Marvel crossover in either the video game universe or cinematic universe.

Eliseo676839d ago (Edited 839d ago )

If Marvel won't crossover their own franchise like in MvC: I, believing they would crossover with DC is miles more(ales) unlikely.

gangsta_red839d ago

Hey, I remember it was unheard of to even have an Avengers movies or Batman fighting Superman on the big screen and here we are.

It definitely won't be tomorrow or next year but I am sure when money starts to run dry these guys will come together to and get this going.

PhoenixUp839d ago

You don't even see Marvel and DC characters in the same Lego game, so don't hold your breath. The only thing you get are the Amalgam comics

gangsta_red839d ago

There has been many team ups between Marvel and DC in comics in the past. In fact the new multiverse these guys both have even acknowledge one another.

I'm not saying that this cross over in video games or movies will happen anytime soon but I do believe it will happen in our life time...maybe

shaun mcwayne839d ago

Yeah when the cross overs begin we are in for a treat, Batman vs Predator, Superman vs Aliens, Just imagine Batman Spidey co op game, would be like Christmas for me.