Nintendo Explains Why They Didn't Focus on Indie Games at E3

We spoke at length with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé about fan games, 'Animal Crossing' mobile, and the first public E3.

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skydragoonityx2291d ago

Because Nintendo aren't into indies?

AspiringProGenji2291d ago

Or because they have an actual lineup of games of their own to show just like Sony

_-EDMIX-_2290d ago


Nintendo had the least time and still had games announced after their press event. They just don't have time to market indies and its understandable. They still need to focus on their properties as those are the key games that will sell the Switch

donthate2290d ago

The salt is strong with this one.

EddieNX 2290d ago

They already an indie direct in April, and have a 10/10 indie line up. A couple of indies get confirmed for Switch eaach day.

RAM0N 2290d ago

Becouse they only spent 20 minutes on stage?

Protagonist2290d ago

What stage? nintendo has not had a conference for years.

Relientk772290d ago

I would buy a Switch for Nintendo first party games, not indies

wonderfulmonkeyman2290d ago

Both for me.
Stuff like Bloodstained and Binding of Issac go great alongside first party Nintendo stuff and the occasional third party AAA.

wonderfulmonkeyman2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Their entire Switch reveal, last year at E3, was filled with tons of indies, so it makes sense they'd do some in-house focus for this one, IMO.

EddieNX 2290d ago

Theyve already showed TONS, exclusive indies and everything. Of course the haters either missed or forgot all that. Its the perfect console for indies.

andrewsquall2290d ago

So expect some "Nintendo abandons Indies" articles over the course of the next 2 weeks. Oh wait, those gaming journalists have no bizarre biased agenda against Nintendo. The same way I've never seen an article about Nintendo announcing games too early before either.


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Abnor_Mal2d ago

I will be there, will be my third time going to nycc.

Already reserved the deluxe edition of the game, just waiting for it to be downloadable then unlocked.

Huey_My_D_Long2d ago

I like this game...but....ngl seeing alot news about costumes for promotional work is not exciting.

neomahi1d 16h ago

....... How is it exclusive when the game is only on PS5? That's a rather liberal use of the word and really takes away from what it represents. Exclusive is just a word now, it used to actually mean something. Once timed-exclusive came about, it lost its pop

BlaqMagiq11d 13h ago

I think they mean as in never before seen anywhere Spider-Man related and will debut in the game.

CobraKai1d 9h ago

Could be this. It’s the only explanation. Or the reveal itself is a Con exclusive?

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CrimsonWing691d 11h ago (Edited 1d 11h ago )

Was there a comic-con suit in the last game? I could be wrong, but it was a cel-shaded (at least I think that’s the one) and it was one of my favorite suits to use.

I welcome all these suits! Hope there’s even more! I enjoyed switching out suits throughout the last game.

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