IncGamers: Far Cry 2 Developer Interview Part 2

In the second part of this exclusive IncGamers interview with narrative director Patrick Redding, IncGamers learn about damage systems on vehicles and weapons, the vegetation and 'real tree' aspects of the games environment, as well an in depth look at the map editor and what tools players can expect to have at their disposal.

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Wuushu3668d ago

Niice, been waiting for the 2nd part :)

Leord3668d ago

Yeah, well this seems to be the more interesting part anyway ^^

Leord3668d ago

I'm mostly interested in the map editor to be honest. I'm really in to user contribution stuff in games.

AndyA3668d ago

Great interview, can't wait for this game.

Maticus3668d ago

Nice interview, thanks

solar3668d ago

the PC community is going to go nuts with the editor. can not wait.

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