Closed Alpha From Former Dead Space Devs

SOS: The Ultimate Escape is offers a unique twist on the Battle Royale contest-style survival shooter genre, with sixteen contestants attempting to out-wit, out-fight and out-run each other as they…

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The_Sage2288d ago

Dear developers,

Please make more Dead Space.

Thank you.


Top 10 Battle Royale Games to Play in 2018

Here's a look at some of the best Battle Royale games that the guys at Kill Ping think you should look forward to playing in 2018. Read more to see their ranking from 10 to 1.

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Top 5 Reasons to Check Out SOS: The Ultimate Escape

There's a lot more to SOS: The Ultimate Escape than meets the eye. Here are the top five reasons you should check out the debut title from Outpost Games.

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SOS: The Ultimate Escape Preview - A Battle Royale with Cheese | COGconnected

COGconnected: From Outpost Games comes SOS: The Ultimate Escape, a reality show where you're the star. We recently went hands-on with the battle royale-like game extensively. Here are our thoughts!

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