Close Up: Death Stranding 12″ Single

Coincidences are a funny thing. If Hideo Kojima hadn’t walked into a small record shop – recommended to him during a chance encounter – while visiting Iceland in 2014 for location scouting, and if they hadn’t been playing LOW ROAR’s track at that exact time, this product probably wouldn’t have existed right now. Charmed by this band’s music Kojima ended up using two of their tracks for his Death Stranding trailers. The song ‘I’ll Keep Coming’ was used for the E3 2016 trailer, and ‘Easy Way Out’ was featured in the trailer at PlayStation Experience later that year. During the latter event Kojima also announced a limited edition single on vinyl containing both tracks.

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After Death Stranding, Here are 5 Games Apple Should Port to iPhone

Now that Death Stranding has landed on iOS, here are five other PS4-era blockbusters that we'd love to have to play on our iPhones at any time.

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Death Stranding Controller Launched by Backbone

To celebrate the launch of Death Stranding on iPhone 15, Kojima Productions have teamed up with Backbone to launch a special controller.

Juancho5115d ago

Just got to chapter 5 and Im loving every second of this game. Phenomenal boss fight at chapter 4, and just great dialogue and story. What a GEM.


15 Single Player Games with Breathtaking Graphics

GB: "No other medium of entertainment is capable of perfectly melding art and technology the way video games do, and though there are obviously several ways in which games go about doing that, one of the more blatantly visible ones that’s right there on the surface is, of course, their graphics. Here, we’re going to highlight a few single player games that have done just that in particularly noteworthy fashion."

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ShwaaMan43d ago

Yeah I mean, all of these should be on this list, and several more imo. Thank you for making this list, none of us thought these games were pretty until you said so.

isarai42d ago

Still feel like ND and R* have produced the best in game character models I've ever seen in a game, also including things like animation and physics.