Alleged Bully 2 concept art surfaces

PC Aficionado: "After a web page was uploaded for Bully 2, there’s been a lot of speculation about when/if the game is coming. However, some alleged concept art has surfaced for the game that may legitimize the eventual release. User “GTAFanClub” on the GTA forums released some photos of what looks to be concept art."

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dirkdady573d ago

Announced on PSX mark my words.

JackTheLiz573d ago

One small but very important detail not mentioned here is that the leaker claims these pictures were done BEFORE GTA5.

RabbitFly573d ago

Now I am not giving any validity to these images. But the fact that the concept art were done before GTA 5 matters little. The process of creating concept art is often the first part of a games creation and usually starts long before any actual game work is done.

dauntingpixel572d ago

i know someone who was intimate with the first one. they worked on it and there were at least some discussions and thins worked on immediately following the release of the original.