Why Sony is Still One Step Ahead of the Competition

Sony did not have new hardware to announce this year, and showcased fewer titles overall. However, what they lacked in quantity they more than made up for in quality, and perhaps Sony played it smart this year, which could lead to them easily taking 2017 and even 2018.

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PhoenixUp2354d ago

Because SIE is the only hardware manufacturer than can provide a large amount of both exclusive and multiplatform titles

Nuff said

ApocalypseShadow2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Because Sony is acting like a real console company who spends money creating studios to create award winning games yearly. Where they can announce new games at any time at any conference if they wanted to. But hold back because announcing too many would hurt the games already announced.

And not spending time promoting console industry trickery like this
or this
or fake videos

Or saying "you can't just flip a switch."

Or Hololens producing actual "holograms."

or knowing about scalebound being canceled before the Christmas season but held off telling anyone until January because of possible sales declines when gamers found out Xbox had one less exclusive after already canceling Fable Legends.

Or "DX12" or the "cloud" or "true 4K" or "high fidelity VR"

Or console exclusive,world premiere exclusive and console launch exclusive at E3. Nuff said on this one.

Sony is doing what a console company should be doing all the time.Making games. Not coming up with new ways to trick.It's not Halloween. It's not a treat.

UltraNova2354d ago

Plus they take upon the risk inherent in trying to cater to all kinds of gamers no matter how niche a game is.

Elda2354d ago

You read for the filth! & it was all on point!!

MegamanXXX2354d ago

What about Nintendo? You think they'll get back on track???

fiveby92353d ago

It seems so simple but MS just doesn't get it. MS seems to be an expert at over promising and under delivering.

NapalmSanctuary2353d ago

"Plus they take upon the risk inherent in trying to cater to all kinds of gamers no matter how niche a game is. "

Try telling me that after they announce a new Twisted Metal game. I might be more inclined to believe you.

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freshslicepizza2353d ago

There was a time when Sony cared more about its customers and gave them BC included in the hardware and not offering an alternative pay as you go plan. They also did this while creating new games, imagine that!

But sadly now it's become more about making as much money as possible all while trying to secure IP rights and get as many exclusive deals as they can. Or raking in online subscriptions and not investing in their infrastructure and investing less in dedicated servers. They also feel the need to protect its users by blocking crossplay with other consoles but are ok with the PC, the most open and unsecure platform. They are also doing another Nintendo and protecting its users by blocking EA Access and thinking they know whats best for its users.

But I guess it's impossible to be a leader without being a bully in the process. It's shame too because we used to go after Nintendo for being like that before Sony came into the scene and people used to go after Microsoft for tactics like this too. Maybe it's just denial now thinking Sony could ever be like they used to be.

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Ceaser98573612354d ago

Becoz Games, Fantastic system seller exclusives, creative freedom, new exclusive ip.. awesome 1st party devs and amazing third party partnership...

2pacalypsenow2354d ago

Because they know what gamers want.

Vbma2354d ago

Like Bc And Crossplay, AAA games on Plus, better PSN....

2pacalypsenow2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

If gamers really wanted BC and Crossplay, they wouldn't be buying the Ps4 and sales would be struggling. And the Ps plus games are fine same with PSN, I have yet to have any issues on either Xbox live or PSN. The Switch doesn't have BC right now and will have paid BC in the future, and no one bats an eye.

OB1Biker2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

I think he means AAA 'true' exclusives.
From your list Crossplay is the only one I find relevant (to me) Btw indie game rocket League is one of the couple games related to the crossplay you mention (my kid can cope with no minecraft crossplay) and it was on PS plus at launch (actually a launch exclusive :) See it can be nice sometimes to have brand new indies instead of years old AAA.
I think gamers should ask crossplay for all major games BF etc. Now that would be great.

BIGBOSS082354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

No, like actual new f*cking games! I don't remember anyone asking for BC until microsoft fanboys started having an orgasm over it like it was a feature never done before and who wants cross play with xbox? Xbox live is full of screaming 12 years old brats. Sony just need to keep doing what they're doing, and thats releasing a variety of different games. Games sell system's. Ps4 is selling faster than it ever has before because of that crazy games lineup it had the first half of the year.

Omnislashver362354d ago

MS does BC because it's all they can do is reverse engineer old games to run on Xbox.

PS4 could have done the same but thought making new games was smarter.

Guess who's plan paid off? It's not even a competition.

Aenea2353d ago

The only people really wanting BC and cross-play on the PS4 are Xbox fans...

PSN is also not as bad as Xbox fans make it out to be.

And AAA game on PS+? Really, that's a fantasy by people who have it for their COD fix and don't have money to buy any other games...

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Outside_ofthe_Box2354d ago

"Why Sony is Still One Step Ahead of the Competition"

I heard Jim Ryan was the mastermind behind the scenes.

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SegaGamer2354d ago

Yep, it's so simple that it doesn't need an article explaining it every week.

You don't need to go deep into these things, us gamers are very simple with what we want, we just want games. Sony has been the system for everybody since the PS1 days. They don't target one type of gamer, they target all of them.

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