E3 2017: Sony's Press Conference Postmortem

Sony was in a similar position as Microsoft in terms of software ready for their E3 show. There weren't many bombshell announcements from their first party studios, which was to be expected considering that the last two years were so overblown with big reveals for games that were a ways away. But unlike Microsoft, Sony didn't have a new console to showcase, a highly popular indie multiplayer game to partner with, nor did they have any consumer focused services to announce. This, along with Sony's strange infatuation with a "show, don't tell" E3 press conference style, left their media briefing sort-of wanting.

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Sciurus_vulgaris484d ago

When I see the world serpent looking at Kratos, I think it's about to ask for Tree Fiddy.

slappy508483d ago

LOL exactly what I was thinking at the time

Sciurus_vulgaris483d ago

Kratos : " Mighty world serpent, grant me your power!"

Serpent: " I'm gonna need about tree fiddy first"

Kratos: " Tree Fiddy?"

Serpent:" They raised the price of the Nordic crunchy bars. They used to be only two fiddy."

jugo14482d ago

i fdont think i understand the reference.