Nintendo Switch Firmware Update 3.0.0 Is Out Now And It's A Big One

Nintendo has finally released a major software update for the Nintendo Switch. Version 3.0.0 includes a bunch of new features including updates to news, how you pair your controllers as well a bunch of new users icons for Splatoon 2.

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Neonridr2554d ago

I wonder if that HDMI interruption setting for sleep mode will help us LG users.

porkChop2554d ago

Yeah there's a fix for that in the update.

paulust20022553d ago

Sweet, thanks for commenting

RacerX2553d ago

Sweet update, now if only anybody could find one in stock....

time2die2553d ago

Yeah i get that annoying problem with my Samsung KS8000,Infact i disconnected the HDMI lead as it done my friggin head in constantly changing to the switch channel when in sleep mode.

Bennibop2553d ago

Me to, was incredibly irritating

ChiefofLoliPolice2553d ago

Samsung is working on a update for us 8 series users to fix that.

2553d ago
CocoaBrother2554d ago

"Find paired controllers within communication range by activating the vibration feature"

Very useful feature for my wife since she constantly loses controllers...

Discobastrd2553d ago

Mine hides them from me. She thinks it's hilarious.

EddieNX 2554d ago

Nice, now hury up with the rest!


Omg finally a fix for that Damn HDMI switching!