Call of Duty WWII Single Player Demo Impressions | GamersBliss

E3 2017 shows a Call of Duty WWII single player demo. While sitting in a room with other press and VIP’s, its quiet. A TV illuminates with the Call of Duty logo waiting on the screen. It’s impossible not to think of jetpacks, unrealistic abilities and robots when looking at the legendary logo.

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TheOttomatic912550d ago

Kinda sucks they won't be continuing the Advanced Warfare series but Sledgehammer games is a good developer and I'm sure this will be an enjoyable game.

CaptainFaisal2550d ago

You liked Advanced Warfare?! Wow

Ricegum2550d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed the campaign of AW. The multiplayer could have been better but it really wasn't a bad game.

Zjet2549d ago

I highly enjoyed Advanced Warfare, it was one of my favorite COD campaigns

Profchaos2550d ago

Aw tied up the story in a neat little package continueing it would have felt cheap.

Profchaos2550d ago

Cod with health packs... I'm in.


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495d ago

Playing Call of Duty WW2 in 2021 ahead of Vanguard's release

What's Call of Duty WW2 like in 2021? Ahead of the release of Vanguard, let's check out Sledgehammer's last game from 2017.

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Father__Merrin1009d ago

Only managed around 5h playtime online. Maps were rubbish


PlayStation Summer Sale Gets Even Bigger

The PlayStation Summer sale expands with a load of new discounts.

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Aloymetal1044d ago (Edited 1044d ago )

Including indies I’ve bought like more than 20 games, good deals all around.

P_Bomb1044d ago

I’ve overindulged too! Gonna pump the brakes on this next round. Unless there’s a PS+ discount. Need a cheap sub for my kid so I’m not always changing primaries.

solideagle1044d ago (Edited 1044d ago )

could you please suggest good indie games (which are on sale)? I love JRPGs or action RPGs but I can play almost any genre e.g. Transistor is £3.74 which I think is a steal :)

shinoff21831044d ago

Check out earthlock. Its pretty good

Old school jrpg try cosmic star heroine I really like that one

Aloymetal1044d ago

Disco elysium, man eater, inside, limbo
Dead cells, observer, to name a few

LoveSpuds1043d ago

Don't sleep on Darkest Dungeon, Child of Morta or Spiritfarer.

Although it won't be on sale, the best indie I have ever played is release in a week or so, it may be 20 quid but you have to play Hades.

GhostofHorizon1044d ago

Told my partner to stop me from browsing. We'll see how that goes, the first part of the sale already got me.

ElvisHuxley1044d ago (Edited 1044d ago )

Anthem 85% off? Thought they went free to play. Has the game gotten any better?
Edit-Nvm, it's Europe anyway.

Hellcat20201044d ago

The second phase of sales is for all regions
It's just not yet showing up in the ps store

Servbot411044d ago

They abandoned Anthem. Typical EA.

CobraKai1044d ago

I can’t believe they’re still trying to sell it

BioShockGX1043d ago

Got Anthem for $5 last year. Not a bad game for that price lol

ElvisHuxley1042d ago

Appreciate the downvotes folks. I guess merely asking a question bothers the incredibly mature users here.

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anast1044d ago

I might finally go for Black Desert. I've been playing ESO (without MTing my characters) for some throw away entertainment, but the combat is so "#$&&%.

Servbot411044d ago

BDO sucks. Only good for the character creator.

anast1044d ago

Is the combat worth it?