Ripten Podcast - Ripcast Episode 1

Ripten writes:

"After a month of hard work behind-the-scenes we're proud to present you the inaugural episode of the Ripcast, this is the start of a very wild ride.

Join John Kershaw, Roly Reyes, Beau Rosser, and Jonathan Zungre as they tell you about their Playlist's for the week, which include: Crysis: Warhead, Mercenaries 2, Pure, Rock Band (both of them, Rock Bands?), Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Followed by philosophical waxing with Soulja Boy about the merits of Braid, Mass Effect and BioShock films, Spawnpoint Studios job listings, and the mish-mash of Halo games that may or may not be in development.

Due to technical difficulties, this was posted a little late, looking forward you should expect them earlier in the week provided there are no screwups. We're still working on the logistics of everything, and I'll keep you posted when I've wrangled this group of assholes into a steady schedule.

All music has been provided by the unbearably awesome Anamanaguchi. Have their babies. Seriously. Hit the jump for Episode 1."

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GamerscoreWhores3671d ago

I'm currently running a podcast update daily on YouTube, but i'm always looking to contribute to other sources, if you need a co-host for an evening, please give me a shout.

jzungre3671d ago

way to go beau for waking up at 7am on a saturday for love of gaming.

Nostradavis3671d ago

Roly seemed overly excited to run around killing Koreans. Scary.

Twizlex3671d ago

What's with the techno?

Sandwich Bender3671d ago

Everything should have techno. That's what's with the techno.