Reggie tells Kotaku - Phone more 'robust' than Switch for Online Chat

Kotaku spoke with Nintendo of America’s President, Reggie Fils-Aime at E3, covering the Switch’s upcoming voice chat, Switch vs 3Ds, Virtual Console, and more. Why the Nintendo Switch Voice Chat will require a mobile phone Reggie had this to say: “We actually think that the phone is going to deliver a better, more robust execution. …

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UCForce488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

I have no word about this. "Face palm"

GtR35olution488d ago

If you buy rubbish you can't complain about how you don't like rubbish

LOL_WUT488d ago

I don't know why everything seems like rocket science for Nintendo ;)

Erik7357488d ago

I wouldn't talk about something until we see how it works in action

cpayne93488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

Even though I have been convinced that a switch is going to be worth a purchase soon, I still find the online to be the most baffling retarded thing about the whole system. It sounds awful.

It probably won't bother me to have a cord plugged from my headset into my phone in my pocket, but it still seems like an unnecessary design decision. Its like Nintendo just has to be different.

dumahim488d ago

More like headset plugged in to device, plugged in to your phone and your Switch.

inmusicutrust488d ago

If you also want to hear game audio you need to plug the headset into both the switch and your phone via a small box like splitter.

cpayne93488d ago

Ye I know how it works lol

cleft5488d ago

Hopefully people keep complaining and eventually they cave on this stupid point. I dont mind phones as being an option, but I dont want it to be the only way.

cpayne93488d ago

I think with the design pf the switch there is no option for audio in, so it can't do it. Only hope is a revision lol.

Snookies12488d ago

Uhhh.... What? He's joking right?

rdgneoz3488d ago

He's probably looking at the number of people that played Pokemon Go when it started and thinks everyone doesn't mind killing the battery on their phone repeatedly on a daily basis.

freshslicepizza488d ago

Rapid improvements? Why can't gamers just talk to each other normally instead of requiring a cellphone? Reggie has a big task to show why normal voice chat is so last gen.

Kiwi66488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

Because thats way too easy and not the "Reggie" way of doing things lol

instantstupor488d ago (Edited 488d ago )

I feel like it ultimately comes down to home much those kinds of background processes take up, and allocating 5-10% of their resources to non-gaming functions is simply too much for the modest power the system has.

I think the idea, in theory, has merit. But it ultimately feels like it's a better-in-theory-than-executio n kind of idea.

They should have just put in a cheap, power efficient mobile co-processor to handle some of those low level background tasks, akin to PS4s supplemental chip for doing background installs and such. If not that, at least allow people to pair their phones to the Switch via Bluetooth and pipe that audio alongside the game audio through the built in headphone jack. There seem to be more elegant solutions they could have gone with which would allow them to stay on a similar course as their current direction.

In the end, I don't see them being able to prove this was a better or more sound way to approach voice-chat than existing systems and it is going to be a sore spot for them for a good long while, unfortunately.

FarEastOrient488d ago

So Reggie, you're saying that the Switch is incapable of doing what my other consoles have been doing since 2001.

opinionated488d ago

people don't even use their phones for phone calls anymore and you want to use it for voice chat lol. Props for getting some use out of the microphone I guess.

UCForce488d ago

That picture on that article is perfect to describe how dumb Reggie is.

TXIDarkAvenger488d ago

It's not like Reggie has any actual say in what Nintendo does. He won't speak ill about the decision.

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