US Xbox 360 October Releases - We're All Doomed!

dailygamesnews.com - Man, we thought the UK release schedule was intense, gamers in the US have a plethora of fantastic titles arriving over the month.

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TheMART5713d ago


Fable 2

Guitar Hero World Tour

Rockband 2


Fifa 09

Fallout 3

And the terrible choice between R2 or GHWT equipment...

cr33ping_death5713d ago

since i prefer RB and GH on the 360 id say go with GHWT the drums are a hell of alot better.

TheMART5713d ago

Don't know for sure. I mean I like the 4 toms on R2 gear better then the 3 toms on the GHWT drums. The 2 symbals R2 could add with an extra symbal pack so you have 4 toms and 2 symbals...

Added on that, the bass footswitch is iron and attached on the R2 drums, the GHWT drums has a weaker plastic one which is just free on the floor, floating around...


Skadoosh5713d ago

Looks like I have to put some overtime at work. UGH!

NegativeCreepWA5713d ago

I started paying off games two months ago so I wouldnt have to.

Shane Kim5713d ago

"It's gonna be a poor month for US and UK gamers who own an Xbox 360, that's for sure."

Yup, could't agree more.

nycredude5713d ago

Listing every damn version of a game just to make the list look decent is so pathetic!! LOL. At lease 6 or seven of those games are duplicates. We all know where the games are at thsi holiday season and nextyear!

cr33ping_death5713d ago

the last four games i get this year will be 2 for the 350 and 2 for the PS3. GHWT(already got Rb) and GEARS 2 for the PS3 Little Big Planet and Resistance 2 :) after that bring on the 09 games

pp5713d ago

Poor Poor droids got no good games to look forward to in october so so sad

nycredude5713d ago

You are such a delusional loser it isn't even funny. Do you need a shrink or something. Just give it up and come join the dark side! I am actually thinking about picking up an arcade this christmas!

Shane Kim5713d ago

hahahah we have all of those games listed + LBP.

Drekken5713d ago

lol - Socom and LBP say HIIIIIIIII.

I will probably be getting NBA LIVE 09 too for PS3. Not to mention I need to get WipeoutHD still.