Horizon Zero Dawn DLC puts Sony exclusive on track to hit 8m lifetime sales - SuperData

Analysts might not have made up their minds about Microsoft's Xbox One X reveal at this year's E3, but most seem to be in agreement that Sony showed a much stronger hand of exclusives and upcoming releases.

StormLegend2185d ago

Such an amazing game and I hope it sells a ton! This DLC will give gamers something to do while the GG team is hard at work on HZD 2

nX2183d ago

It certainly will, I preordered this in an instant even though I usually wait for reviews.

(it's 25% off for PS+ users and this week you also get back 15$ if you spend 100$ on the PS Store)

Ceaser98573612183d ago

lucky you i got it for 10 percent off for ps plus users under EU store..

thatguyhayat2183d ago

I have yet to start the game. Too many games just mot enough time..

Ceaser98573612183d ago

haha! i go through that a lot.. still have wd2 and dishonored 2 to finish... got the plat for HZD though

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leahcim2183d ago

This game deserve to be the game of the Year, the story, the graphics, the gameplay, the thecnical perfection.

Movefasta19932183d ago

Persona 5 ,nier and nioh for me .Japenese gaming greatness

nX2183d ago

All good games but not quite as impressive as Horizon.

Darkfist_Flames2183d ago

great, cant wait for the dlc :)

2183d ago
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