Gamedaily.Biz Ad Watch: Taking the Hammer to Live Action

Gaming graphics are getting prettier all the time. The look of games has in general advanced enough that many game ads and trailers feature gameplay footage extensively or exclusively. This trend is mostly a positive one, in GameDaily BIZ's mind, because these sorts of ads are generally more informative about the games they are attempting to promote.

That said, we have to acknowledge that live action portions can sometimes be more eye-catching than game footage. For one, if you're dealing with a real world subject (like sports), live action shots help establish a connection with the subject matter of the game world. One recent instance of this would be Hammer Creative's ad for Midway's TNA iMPACT!

We caught up with Hammer's marketing director Jim Botko and creative director Scott Hayman and talked about the tribulations and triumphs of live action ads

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