Rocket League on Xbox and PC will soon get cross-play with Nintendo Switch

Rocket League is headed to the Nintendo Switch, where it will support cross-network multiplayer with Xbox One and PC later this year.

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gangsta_red2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

That is pretty cool, Rocket League has cross platform with Xbox, PC and Switch. I don't think I'm leaving anything else out right?

It's good that all gamers will be able to play each other no matter what platform they own. Good for Nintendo, Microsoft and PC Guy for putting aside their differences and letting the dev do this.

It'll be interesting to ask other players what platform they're playing on, PC, Switch or Xbox.

I just realized one platform was left out and that was the CD-i...damn you Phillips.

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Gazondaily2295d ago

That's sick! Cross play with Switch! That's amazing! Shame Sony won't play ball. Gamers need to apply pressure on them to drop the policy like Xbox gamers did with Microsoft.

BlackTar1872295d ago

when did Xbox gamers apply pressure. You guys didn't give a crap at all last gen. MS did this cause they are not in a power of market power.

I hope sony does this for some games but that is BS. MS did it and not cause of their fans begging for it.

Gazondaily2295d ago

Pretty sure fans were quite vocal about lack of cross play. And Sony fans should too instead of pointing fingers at last gen.

naruga2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

None is vocal about Cross play in PS4 fan base....PS base is 50 mil and Xone plus +Switch is at most 25 mil ...imagine the difference, PS base is so abudant that none needs crossplay with Xone or Switch to find games to get in ...cmon hypocrisy from Xbox side is hilarious and ridiculous

GTgamer2295d ago

@septic who was vocal?

Omnislashver362295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )


Tons of people. When MS announced they we're willing to do crossplay the internet went apeshit.

And myself. I'm vocal.

Plus, why do you think Septic has so many upvotes? Obviously they agree.

darthv722295d ago

I cared about cross platform play last gen and MS were fools to not accept the offer at the time. Now the controller is in the other hand and Sony are the fools this time around.

In the online space... you should be able to play against whoever, whenever on whatever system has the game in question. you dont see the online space limited to ONLY PC vs PC... you get PC vs MAC vs Console vs Portable now.

Gaming is universal and so should the online space. It is certainly big enough to support something so ambitious such as cross platform play.

JasonKCK2295d ago

Xbox fans are extremely vocal when it comes to asking for things from MS. We literally have a program for it. We vote, create ideas, criticize bad things, praise good things. Too bad others don't listen to their fanbase and choose to dictate instead.

Death2295d ago

In all honesty I think it was the Playstation fans that applied pressure to Microsoft. They have gone a long way in turning the Xbox into what it is today. They laughed at the lack of Blu-ray in the 360, complained about the lack of free games with Live which resulted in Games with Gold, they said the Xbox One didn't have enough power which led to the Xbox One X, and ironically there was a short time where b/c was a very important feature to them. Now we have the most powerful console available, the largest catalog of b/c games, free games monthly from the Xbox One and 360 catalog, and cross play with other platforms. Hopefully they convince Microsoft to break out the checkbook for more third party exclusives.

Thank you Playstation fans.

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TXIDarkAvenger2295d ago

When MS was leading, they weren't in favor of crossplay but Sony was. Now the tables have turned and it's the same with Sony now. They didn't drop it because gamers begged them too.

Condemnedman2295d ago

so it has nothing to do with gamers just who's winning the sales. christ drop the defensive attitude and just realise this is good for all gamers, stop picking sides

TXIDarkAvenger2295d ago


Huh? Not trying to defend any of them, just giving a reason. When you're at the top, you don't have much to gain from crossplay. I don't see how it's good for all gamers...

Kleptic2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

TXI is exactly right...he's only pointing out that these decisions are not consumer related, but shareholder related (or at least according to Sony, as well as 'the kids'...)

it has EVERYTHING to do with who is winning. MS wouldn't touch cross play when XBL subscriptions were through the roof, PC game sales were laughable, and the PSN was in infancy (and free)...all while Nintendo continued to 'not understand the internet'...Sony pushed pretty hard for cross play integration throughout most of the PS3's life...

so it's a bit weird for how this is turning out if trying to say it's unrelated to who is 'winning'. Sony now won't touch it, everyone else is all for it...it's ALWAYS been the best option for gamers...not so much for the suits, and the weird disconnect they continue to have with long term decisions and what it does to a brand.

This potentially could bite Sony back...just as it bit MS 4 years ago...and just as it did...sony...12 years ago...I said in another thread; not this specific decision, but the generally short term mindset that decisions like this illustrate.

but, regardless, watching these electronic/software companies try to 'Apple'ize' console gaming over and over is ridiculous...that 'get ahead and close the doors' idea is a joke, and the results from it have been nothing but predictable....yet who can blame them? The freaking end consumers argue more with other consumers than they do with the companies actually selling the stuff, so, it's all to be expected...

ZeroX98762295d ago


100% agreeing with you right now!

I'm a big PC/Sony fan and yes, we should all asked Sony to consider it via Twitter/facebook/youtube.

There's absolutely no reasons why we shouldn't be able to play with each other. I was excited for this when Psyonix first announced it when the X1 version got released.

So now it's more than official, it's Sony who's stopping cross-play from happening between consoles and that's a shame.

-Alpha2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

Fans absolutely need to stop batting for the company and making excuses. People kept blaming MS for the lack of Rocket League cross play when it was Sony who was withholding.

People can either keep making excuses or blaming others, but instead of defending the company as if you work for them, defend consumers and push for cross play.

It's the absolute biggest dream fans have about the platforms, and now that we're so close, it's only Sony that's blocking it. It looks bad on them, and it hurts fans of games and the games themselves.

I play so many games that would benefit from the bigger player pool.

mcstorm2295d ago

For me ide love to see all results party games get cross play I mean why limit who you can play against on 3rd party games. It will then drive Nintendo Sony and Microsoft to give us more quality 1st party games to make the customer want their console over the other and it will also let friends play together on the console they want but not have to worry they will miss out playing their friends.

ziggurcat2295d ago

"Shame Sony won't play ball. Gamers need to apply pressure on them to drop the policy..."

can you cite this policy?

I'm still waiting for people to show me where Sony has ever said they are not interested in cross-play with Xbox.

-Alpha2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

You can't expect them to say "We won't do cross play". That's bad PR

They are staying silent while the results speak for themselves-- Rocket League, Minecraft, and a working indie game have all announced Switch/X1/PC cross play.

"Right now, we’re literally at the point where all we need is the go-ahead on the Sony side and we can, in less than a business day, turn it on and have it up and working no problem. It’d literally take a few hours to propagate throughout the whole world, so really we’re just waiting on the permission to do so"


Sony is holding back

gangsta_red2295d ago

"I'm still waiting for people to show me where Sony has ever said they are not interested in cross-play with Xbox."

So multiple devs still waiting on Sony's answer when they have stated they have things set up and ready to go.

Minecraft and now Rocket League has crossplay between PC, Xbox and Switch and yet you're still waiting for Sony to give an official answer?

I mean, you first have to open your eyes if you expect anyone to show you something.

ziggurcat2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

"Do you really expect them to say "We won't do cross play"? You realize that's bad PR, right?"

They have actually gone on record a few times stating that they are interested in having that conversation with devs, and publishers (MS is a publisher in this context).

So, again... for the umpteenth time: show me where Sony has ever said "no/not interested/not at this time" to cross play with Xbox.

"Read between the lines."

oh, I have, and I still can't find that elusive "no."

edit: people keep using that rocket league thing as proof, but there's nothing in any of that that proves anything. where in that entire thing does it say, "Sony has told us they are not interested"?

Gazondaily2295d ago

Bro are you shitting me? We've had devs say that it's Sony. We have had Phil Spencer say it's Sony. We have Minecraft and Rocket League (whose devs pointed at Sony) now having cross platform across all platforms.

Yet you want more proof that it's not Sony? Seriously ?

MegamanXXX2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

Xbox fanboys are the only one's that said that. Again they don't have to since they have a bigger install base compared to the competitors

ZeroX98762295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )


Tekken devs said that policies and security reasons were the culprit.

Psyonix said that they were one switch away from enabling cross play between X1 and PS4, but again protocols and security reasons.

Minecraft is playable even with freaking mobile and Nintendo switch, but not PS4?

Maybe there's a very good reason why, but could we get a definitive answer directly from Sony has to why it doesn't work on their end? and Nintendo can do it, but not Sony?!?!?!?!?! like what?

gangsta_red2295d ago

"people keep using that rocket league thing as proof, but there's nothing in any of that that proves anything."


JULY 20, 2016

Ziggurcat, how come there's cross play between Xbox, Switch and PC and not PS4?

Instead of asking us to show you where Sony said no, how about you ask Sony why they haven't allowed for two games so far to be added to crossplay across all platforms.

Gazondaily2295d ago

Ziggur bro, even Phil Spencer said it's Sony man. I mean come on.

-Alpha2295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )


I gave you a quote directly from Psyonix that states they can get cross play tomorrow, yet they are waiting on Sony. We have cross play between Xbox and Switch for Rocket League the day the Switch version is announced. We have cross play between Xbox, PC, and Switch Minecraft.

The best you can do is point to a b.s PR quote from Sony, stating "they are open to it", even though they have nothing to show for it. No, Microsoft is not "a publisher in this context". That's you pretending they are open to cross play with Microsoft when they've done everything to dodge cross play with them. Stop making excuses.

You can't really be this obtuse

freshslicepizza2295d ago

Are people still trying to defend this? Sony is really starting to show their true colors. First it was blocking EA Access and now cross play.

Developers want it, I imagine gamers would not be against it, so tell me again the upside to Sony being against it?

Kiwi662295d ago (Edited 2295d ago )

So the fact that they have crossplay with other platforms except xb isn't proof enough ? and now they're coming up with different excuses as to why they don't want crossplay for 2 games, one of which they do have crossplay for already, so what more proof do you need that something isn't right on their end

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MegamanXXX2295d ago

With 60 million consoles sold I don't think they care about that atm.

Omnislashver362295d ago

This isn't about consoles sold, it's about playing with friends who have a different console. They need to get it so you can add 10 friends from another network with voice-chat across platforms IMO. THAT would be cool.

freshslicepizza2295d ago

Minecraft has 55 million ACTIVE players per month. That's a heck of a lot of people playing the game so don't use PS4 sales as some leverage.

You should be advocating about fun and joining together. Sony holding out does not help them one bit, it just highlights they don't care what anyone thinks.