Sony E3 2017 Conference Review

Five conferences deep (if you count Devolver) before Sony stepped up to the mound. Their competitor Microsoft did great, so did Sony meet, exceed, or fall below the bar set by the Xbox One X? Let's take a look at what Sony did that was unique, and where they fumbled.

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Elda734d ago

Their conference was underwhelming I expected more but it was safe.

CP_Company733d ago

they give some games before the Knack? Yakuza 6 or Yakuza 0 and some other games.of course,i waited Bloodborne 2,but what can you expect? 100 exclusives? they are pumping them on enormous tempo, no one can offer more,not even close.

toddybad733d ago (Edited 733d ago )

As a psvr owner glad to see it getting some love.
As a ps4 owner underwhelmed to basically see a rehash of last year's conference - only without the surprises.
Where is Dreams is my biggest question.