Patch notes for Empyrean Age 1.1.1, released 30 September 2008

The next EVE Online update is the Empyrean Age 1.1.1 patch, which deploys on September 30th. It brings with it a number of fixes and a few new features as well. These features are centered around the Jita problems, with three new jumps being added to help players avoid the laggy system: Muvolailen-Maurasi, Maurasi-Perimeter, and Veisto-Sarekuwa. An 'avoid system' option has been added to the autopilot, with a default setting to avoid Jita. Taking the population cap issue a step further, CCP Games is also rolling out an Auto-Move feature to the login process. In the event a player attempts to log in to a system which has already hit its population cap, the player will have the option of moving themself to a neighboring system.

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