GameSpot: Saints Row 2 Multiplayer Hands-On

The two-year gap between the original Saints Row and its upcoming sequel is a scant two weeks from closing, with Saints Row 2 scheduled for arrival on October 15. It makes sense that GameSpot has seen nearly everything the game has to offer, from hot-dog costumes to zombie-themed minicamps. Everything with one notable exception, that is. It was only last week that they got to see SR2's competitive multiplayer offerings. While not quite as seamless and unrestricted as the co-op experience, the multiplayer side should offer you plenty of ways to eviscerate each other.

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rbluetank3671d ago

The guy ran over everything and the car did not take any noticeable damage.??? The cop were chasing the guy and they disappeared after he ran half of a half of a block on a straight away from them. GTA3,Vice City,San Andreas and even GTA4 the cops would chase you until they caught you or you died. The city folks/Gang members would also do the same if you bothered them on most occasion. This game is back on the rental shelf after this video...

i looked at the video again and every time he turns his back;everybody disappears.. lmao The game does have that ps1 or Ps2 look to it.. i think games like GTA or SR should be build on the ps3 because of the blue ray factor.. these games or getting condense to fit on the 360 and it really hurting both the PS3/us the consumer.. Dan Houser was right and THQ will learn the same thing with this game. i am not blaming the 360 but it DVD rom disc or not helping out games of this size... or RAGE to come in 2009 View