'Saints Row 2' New Multiplayer Mode To Address 'GTA IV' Flaw

MTV Multiplayer's Patrick Klepek writes:

"I played the multiplayer side of "Grand Theft Auto IV" for just one day. So long as I was playing with friends, it was fun. Without them, not so much.

Gamers - at least my friends - seemed to leave "GTA IV"'s multiplayer in droves. That was partly because we never knew what game mode to play. Some of the modes were fun in short spurts, but didn't hold up after a few rounds.

THQ and Volition are attempting to solve this case of attention deficit disorder in the M-rated "Saints Row 2? by eliminating the idea of separate game modes and rolling them all into one. They call this the "Strong Arm" game type.

I learned at a hands-on demo of the new mode in San Francisco last week that it just might work."

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