Xbox One X vs. PlayStation 4 Pro: A Comparison Guide

Microsoft's new console has been officially unveiled, how does it compare to Sony's latest.

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odderz496d ago

Xbox One X obviously has the edge on power, but PlayStation 4 still has exclusives, and VR support. Gamers who care about resolution should go for the X, but I think the library makes the PS4 Pro better for me.

ChipdiddyChip496d ago

I'm buying it because I want to play the best version of multiplats and ill get the pro for its exclusives.

NatureOfLogic_496d ago

I would choose the larger player base and more content on PS4 over resolution.

jlove4life496d ago

Lmao best 3rdparty destiny 2 red dead redemption 2 and call of duty say hello or wendy Williams voice How u doin

4Sh0w496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

It's not just resolution, I find more of what I want to play on Xbox, well until recently. Since FH3 there hasn't been anything exclusive on Xbox that really excited me, but ps4 has had only really Bloodborne, UC4, Horizon ZD, maybe inFamous and a few indies this entire gen that excites me -Im not knocking other games I just dont buy every game because it's exclusive, same for Xbox but there are still more X1 games I like than ps4 games.

Who knows Sony might drop a big load of games I prefer tommorrow. The point is the "edge" just depends on your preference and I fully understand if you like SP, jrpgs, Japanese, and varied niche games and just more games in general then ps4 easily wins games category but I dont care unless I know I'll want to play them...and no I don't care about scores, I just like particular kinds of games.

Love the hardware that said for awhile now Microsoft sucks when it comes to 1st party AAA games. The fact 3rd party will be best on X1X is a nice plus but I still want more though.

LP-Eleven496d ago

Although I'm interested in the X, I have a PC for the "very best" version(s) of multiplatform games. That's where the Pro becomes a far more viable alternative in the console space.

Bruh496d ago

How the hell is the PS4 version the best when the Xbox One X version will run at higher graphical fidelity?

Did logic die?

Obscure_Observer496d ago


If you love games and has the money, that´s the best decision to make. ;)

Allsystemgamer496d ago

Then get a pc if you want the best multiplats.

worldwidegaming496d ago

Love the down votes you get on here.
You state that you want the BEST version multi platform games (numbers dont lie)
Then You will get the pro for the exclusives. (Good choice)
Smart all around but then you get these downvotes?
Talk about trying to gaslight...

Snez495d ago

"Best verion of multiplats" is a PC.

-Best graphics
-Best resolution
-Best framerate
-Free online
-Mod support

Xbox One X is not the best version of multiplats, that is a marketing buzzword slogan that you're buying into because you're an idiot.

JasonKCK495d ago

Lots of pro PS gamers pushing PC all of a sudden. Wonder why?

Snez495d ago

"Lots of pro PS gamers pushing PC all of a sudden. Wonder why?"
Because you can play almost all of the Xbox One library on a PC at better resolution and with added benefits including free online, mod support, better sales and a variety of software such as discord that you can utilise alongside your games?

I'm an idort. I own a PC with a GTX 1080, a PS4, a Switch, a Vita, and 3DS and a powerful smartphone. I'm pro all of them, just because I enjoy my PS4 doesn't mean i'm exclusively pro PS4.
Every advantage the Xbone X offers, a PC offers it even better. There is no benefit to an Xbox over a PC, even long term the price isn't a benefit due to better software value on the PC and free online.
And if there is one or two exclusives you do want to play that's not on PC (like Sunset Overdrive), then you can just buy one of the two iterations that is half the price of the X.

You legitimately need some form of mental deficiency to even consider the Xbone X over any of the existing alternatives.

JasonKCK495d ago

Snez, odd considering when it comes to Scorpio vs PS4 you talk about PC. Easy to spot on your 16 day old account.

Snez495d ago

Because the Xbone and the PS4 aren't the only two consoles in the world. An alternative exists for the vast majority of the library of the Xbone, with advantages that massively outshine the Xbone iterations.
When you consider a purchase of a system, you consider what alternatives exist and the benefits of these alternatives.

You don't walk into a store and think "these are the only two consoles in existence and I need to justify a purchase of one of them". It isn't about PS4 vs Scorpio, it's about PS4 vs Scorpio vs Switch vs PC vs handheld/older consoles/smartphones. And with Microsoft releasing pretty much everything on the Windows 10 store, the scorpio is overshadowed by the PC in every way.

That's why it's better to buy a PS4 and a PC over a Scorpio and a PC, for example. It's all well and convenient to move goalposts to extremely narrow and specific categories in arguments to justify a purchase, but don't try to drag others down and encourage them to purchase something that is a stupid purchase just because you either have buyer's remorse or will be getting it within the future.

JasonKCK495d ago

Thank you for proving my point

Snez495d ago

Thank you for once again proving MY point that you are incapable of an argument outside a specific set of goalposts. After all a consumer can only have two options presented before them, and anyone who attempts to expand the argument to present any additional options is wrong and their opinion invalidated.

That's fine, assume the only ever way to play videogames is by owning a PS4 or an Xbox One. Great for you to justify your purchase by ignoring any other choices.

yeahright2495d ago

@Jason, actually the "just get a PC" line started when xbox came out with play anywhere, essentially PC will get all xbox exclusives but keep exclusives of its own. When you guys start saying best version of multiplats, it just adds another reason to get a PC over xbox.

steveo123456495d ago

I wouldn't buy a console or 4 or five half decent (and that's questionable) exclusives. wake me up when its emulated

GameNameFame495d ago

If you want best version of multiplats, its PC easy.

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cellfluid496d ago

Gamers who care for resolution go for pc not the x

Mystogan496d ago

what if I don't want to deal with PC?

Allsystemgamer496d ago


What does that even mean?

jrshankill496d ago

Wasn't your argument for the last 3 years all about FPS and resolution?

Now that X1X has the advantage you're all like "meeh I'll get a PC". A PC with matching specs will cost a lot more than a X1.

The lack of new AAA games is concerning though. Not even a revived franchise to be seen.

shiva1496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

When's RDR coming to PC?

Father__Merrin496d ago

But the PC doesn't have all the games you want its better to have both like many have. Going PC only you miss out on tons

The res on a good TV setup isn't an issue

starchild496d ago


That's true of any platform though. If you only own one platform you are going to miss out on good games. There's no way around it. Between the shared Microsoft exclusives and all the other exclusives on PC there are a ton of games you miss out on if you only have a PS4. So it goes both ways. It's best to have all the platforms that you can afford and which have games that appeal to you.

freshslicepizza495d ago

"Gamers who care for resolution go for pc not the x"

Then explain to all of us why it is likely PS4 Pro owners still buy their multiplats on it and not the PC? You can't just throw the PC into the argument just for convenience. Look around, Anthem is probably the most demanding game shown so far and tell me again how many said they will play it on the PC?

JasonKCK495d ago

That's not what most here were saying at the beginning of this gen.

"1080p makes you a better gamer" remember?

steveo123456495d ago

you lot cared a lot about resolution not so long ago


IndieFolk495d ago

When will PC gamers understand that normal people won't trade the portability of consoles to be stuck on a cave with a desktop? LOL.

steveo123456495d ago

gamers who care for resolution, framerate, higher quality assets, better aliasing, lighting the list goes on go for PC (and cheaper games).

In the absence of a pc the xbox x is a bargain in bhp per $ compared tot he competion

XisThatKid495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

I just find it funny that PC people feel the need to put in their platform in equations that had nothing to do with them. Most of us console gamers don't really care about your PC specs or doings. What's with the PC platform and importance? I understand the PS4 X1 argument but PC platform is mostly neutral.

Snez495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

"A PC with matching specs will cost a lot more than a X1."
You're right in the regard that in order to get a PC that matches or is more powerful you need to spend an additional £100 minimum.

HOWEVER you forget to factor in long term costs. To play online with the Xbone you'll then need to pay an additional £40 a year (minimum) - a cost not needed on the PC.
Within two and a half years (not even factoring better software value on PC) the price already evens out. Within 5 years you're already spent an additional £200 (minimum) on paid online.

So no, in reality the Xbox isn't cheaper than a PC of comparable spec. Purely because the long term costs of things make it the MUCH more expensive choice.
In addition not only is it more expensive long term, but you lose out on many of the advantages PC holds over both Xbox and consoles.

"what if I don't want to deal with PC?"
Unlike a console which is plug in and play, a PC does need a little more effort.
However the amount of effort needed to build your own PC is minimal, it is pretty much like Lego and there are thousands of step by step video guides to tell you how to do it.

This isn't 1998, building a PC has never been easier. The sheer laziness to not even look at a single video and see for yourself is not a justifiable excuse.

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zerocarnage496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

Xbox X will have VR support also, plus Microsoft announced 22 exclusives and 47 games at there e3.

exclusives, the games from this gen, Xbox 360 BC and now original Xbox BC, sorry but your biggest catalogue of games will be on Xbox one X all done up to the capabilities of the machine it was announced.

Anyway roll on November I want one for me and one for my son .

@natureoflogic- PlayStation plus has 26 million subscribers as recorded this year, as of January 2016 and will no doubt rise there were 48 million Xbox live gold subscribers. If you talk about sales then yes PlayStation have it, but if your talking about people to game with and a bigger user base, well Xbox own it and will continue to do because of the years ms has had over Sony to build its user fan base. Paying subscription gold compared to Play-Plus, has always been more beneficial whether it be updates or services, apps n games.

jaycptza496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

Some... I mean most, of those "exclusives" were meh! 😸

MAULxx496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

I didn't see 22 exclusives. I saw some timed exclusives and just a few real exclusives but none of them compelling enough for me to buy a Xbox One X. Looks like a very nice machine though.

Aenea496d ago

Most of those exclusives were "launch exclusives" aka. timed exclusives.

Liqu1d496d ago

Can you guys stop lying about 22 exclusives? A timed exclusive is not an exclusive, it is a multiplatform game with a delayed release.

steveo123456495d ago

mate, when your playing the best version of a game, who cares if the completion sells more consoles :)

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AngelicIceDiamond496d ago

"Gamers who care about resolution should go for the X" Those gamers were PS fans.

MegamanXXX496d ago

Most of my friends have PC/PS4 only

Rhythmattic496d ago

You have intelligent friends.

nitus10496d ago

The actual article is pure laziness. If you are going to do a comparison between the PS4pro and the XB1x at least get all the information like gamespot did on the 11th June 2017. Producing a table with "TBA" is just not acceptable. Basically, you cannot do a fair intercomparison with "TBA".

Oh, I love how the author publishes the XB1x release date to be 7th November 2017 which is correct but had the PS4pro release date as "Out now" instead of 10th November 2016.

Snez495d ago

Gamers who care about resolution should build their own PC. Anyone who claims to be interested in graphics and resolution in the slightest should build a PC, given that the majority of the Xbox library is not only coming to PC but will look better on a PC.

And before anyone tells me that Anthem "gameplay" reveal looked amazing, that was not played on an Xbox One X. A £1,100 Nvidia Titan XP would struggle to ever make games look that good, so a console under half the price with even worse specs will never run anything like that.

steveo123456495d ago

Many people simply don't care about sonys exclusives. Also vr will be coming to xbox/win 10 in the form of 3rd party headsets. Theres some salt I here and they'll be more by the day hahaha

JackBNimble495d ago

Salt? I hope MS pushes VR, I would like to see VR thrive. Bring it on MS, we need your support for VR.

495d ago
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kevco33496d ago

Both have their strengths and weaknesses. It'd be hard not to see that XoX is an attempt by Microsoft to reset the playing field, but without exclusives it's not clear what the long term strategy is.

itsmebryan496d ago

They showed exclusives. What are you talking about?

496d ago
agent4532496d ago

Which I can play them on my PC he he he he. If you have an xbox we can play together via crossplay 😎

XtreemGamer496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

Good luck playing indie and cartoon games on your X... while PS4 players busy playing AAA exclusive blockbuster games

OsOs-Q8Y496d ago

95% of them were "launch" (aka Timed) indie exclusives

Yo Mama495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

I think I counted 3 REAL exclusives. The rest were "Launch exclusives", which is a deceitful marketing term.

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zerocarnage496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

doesn't need to be a strategy, 22 exclusives got announced at there e3 and 47 game announcements. Exclusives isn't always the answer, it certainly wasn't the arguement coming out from the Sony fan boys until Xbox one X got announced. Ill tell you what there arguement was rite up until the the Xbox one X announcement, it was nothing but PlayStation is way over powered compared to Xbox one, that was all you heard like a broken record, it's obvious what fan boys do.

So if you watched e3 you will see some of those exclusives that got announced, so you peeps can't really argue that point anymore.

Anyway a consoles selling point is not the games it comes with, I brought the normal Xbox one not knowing the first 2 god damn years were going to be remasters. Oh and before you say something there and try to stick a knife in, get it rite because any Sony PS4 buyer did exactly the same considering both consoles went through that phase and both went through it for at least 2 years.

A consoles selling point is exactly that, everything to do with the console, you look at everything especially whether it is the new thing on the market and if it's the best or not. The Xbox one X will sell like hot cakes, why? because it's a damn amazing machine and it's the latest console on the market and everyone wants it, I've seen you lot on these forums try for decades by detailing consoles and games only for in the end for that console or game to be a no1 sell around the world, time will tell on this one.

chris235496d ago

well, the majority of customers actually don't go for ideologies. they go for the products they can use. so, in reality people couldn't care less about the manufacturer as long as they are getting what they want. of course, there are fans. fans do posts like yours to bend reality a little bit to their liking.

Evaproject496d ago

I lost it at "Anyway a consoles selling point is not the games it comes with..." if that was real, playstation vita would have outsold 3ds dozens of time was way more powerful but it lacked games and support. Games ARE the reason a console sells. The power the console has is just the mean to plays those games. what are u doing with a shit ton of power and no games? they did announce 22 exclusives but let's be honest... the most mindblowing games were not the exclusives during that presentation.

Chevalier496d ago

There was NOT 22 exclusives. They kept repeating exclusive to make you think that. Go back and read the descriptions again, most of them were Xbox One Console Launch Exclusives, meaning ONLY exclusive at launch, after launch those games will launch elsewhere, i.e, PC/PS4/Switch.

steveo123456495d ago

don't you dare slate sonys precious exclusives on here

remember its all about the exclusives



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agent4532496d ago

Agreed most of its exclusives are coming to the Windows store:

Sea of Thieves

I guess Microsoft long-term strategy is Xbox game pass. It feels like Microsoft has given up on console hardware which is great news. The Xbox game pass is the more likely choice to become the next xbox experience

steveo123456495d ago

as a neutral pc gamer, that list is about as good as the ps4s

cfc83496d ago

I think part of the strategy is to cause playstation problems. The playstation 5 won't be able to launch with 8tf. People will say that's not much better than xbox x. It will take Sony out of their comfort zone.

steveo123456495d ago

you mean without the 4 or 5 games that you lot play over and over and over and over to justify to yourselves that you have the better console?

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KionicWarlord222496d ago

If you want the best 4K console you buy the xbox one x.

It will have a very major amount of native 4K games and will have and even updates for 4K from previous games.

2pacalypsenow496d ago

It comes down to, do you want to play multiplats at 4k, or do you want to play multiplats at near 4k and also have great exclusive games...

steveo123456495d ago

write me a list, convert me, which exclusives do you refer

Zabatsu495d ago

steveo, are you the sleeping beauty? I mean, really. Not even she would be so stupid to neglect the fact that Ps is the way to go for exclusives. MS has nothing to hit back with, other than them releasing a great console which has no different game lineup than the existing one. This is what most people are dissapointed with. Get real man, reality, reality.

Christopher496d ago

"Very major amount"

*counts number in picture*

I don't think that word means what you think it means.


I do wonder how 4k mods will work on XBO X for Skyrim.

KionicWarlord222496d ago

When i said major i was referring to the show were almost every game i saw during Microsoft`s E3 conference had a 4K UHD logo or 4K UHD logo and Enhanced.

The picture is the games that say 4K in the store and will get updates.

But heres a 4K trailer showing all 4K games coming to Xbox one X.