Gamespot: NO LittleBigPlanet Keys till Wednesday

Gamespot reports:

"Final Update
Okay slight change of plans. The winners will be receiving their keys via the email that they entered the contest with. You will NOT be receiving an email from me stating you won. Keep checking your email, I would anticipate these keys being sent out tomorrow or Wednesday. Thanks for entering!!"

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Timesplitter143671d ago

Gamespot... when the hell will you stop gamespotting?

Kyo3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

"No keys till Wednesday"? The title of this news isn't exactly what they're saying.

trancefreak3671d ago

we had to sit that threw long show in agony, then to be misinformed on how to submit for the contest. I feel disgust towards them at this moment. These clowns really took advantage of of us ps3 owners whom just wanted a lil taste of LBP from MM who dished out free keys. Waste of time completely on gamespots account.

Timesplitter143671d ago

Read the fully updated post. The hidden one. Press ''show''

beast3671d ago

Where is the final update posted. The only update that i see is update#2

ageoflight3671d ago

the first comment is 'hidden' due to too many negative thumbs. Hit 'show' to see the message

Relcom3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

gave me my key litterally 2 hours after i entered. Get off your asses Gamespot. BTW if i get a extra key from Gamespot i'll gladly give it away to a non-fanboy type.

BTW i seriously suggest people do everything to get into this beta, its just something like gaming heaven. So many creative people out there and it shows. The user created levels are just stunning, way more so than i thought they would be.

Imallvol73671d ago

Wow. This is just dumb. GIVE OUT THE DANG KEYS. All these sites are being fun. BE LIKE THE EUROPEANS and get them to the people who want them . . . and pay your income. By the time they are done with these "contests", the beta will be over.

strotee3671d ago

I could have made serious bank with the beta key IGN sent me last Friday. Not that I'm complaining since I got to play the beta, but looking back, selling it on Ebay might have been a smarter choice.

If there was a way to share the game, I would give everyone on N4G my key; I feel bad, I really do. Sony should just throw it up on PSN for 48-72 hours just to avoid this fiasco.

Don't worry, the wait is worth the experience.

LinuxGuru3671d ago

Selling beta keys or access to a beta is illegal.

strotee3671d ago

So is selling cocaine but people do it because there is a market. Today pretty much illustrates that there is a market for the beta, there would be at least one person who would want to play the beta for a few dollars.

Besides, I was kidding, just wishful thinking. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.