Games Abyss: Madworld Preview

Imagine a game show where you actually win by being the last man standing. There you are in a gritty environment and you have to use what you find around you to eliminate your enemies all for points based on how gruesome you accomplish your tasks. Welcome to the game Death Watch and the setting of the Wii's new game, Madworld. It looks like Nintendo is going brutal for once, and brutal may even be too tame of a word.

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TheColbertinator3673d ago

This game will own.No doubt about it

jorgeanaya0003673d ago

Can't wait for this game, I just hope the combat stays fresh, but with the attack and bosses I've seen in gameplay videos, it shouldn't be hard.
Early 2009, I'm buying this game and The Conduit.

Product3673d ago

Ditto( i cant believe i just used that word)
Conduit and this are instabuys.