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E3 2017: Announcement of a new IP for Xbox One and PC produced by Square Enix in sight?

According to what Amazon Italy has uploaded on its servers, Square Enix is expected to announce three new titles during the fair, including one apparently coming to Xbox One and PC.

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Bad Editing
Nothing in the article indicates anything about a new IP. "ip" in the title should be replaced with "exclusive".
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✔ Fixed
If you don't fix the title as I explained below, then I'll just fail it. Don't mark as fixed again until fixed. You're being misleading. It's not 'exclusive' to Microsoft until it's officially announced as such, and the rumor details only say PC and XBO. PC is not a "Microsoft platform" unless you're telling me they own Steam, Origin, and UPlay all of a sudden.
Christopher2562d ago WhoDisagree(0)Agree(1)
✔ Fixed
Bad Editing
Being on PC does not make it a Microsoft exclusive.
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Community2561d ago
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RobertDsouza2562d ago
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RobertDsouza2562d ago
Neonridr2562d ago

for who? For Square Enix? Who will be handsomely compensated for the exclusivity rights to MS?

For Microsoft? Who may garner some extra hardware sales for those who really want this game?

or for Sony gamers?

Kaemman2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Square Enix, don't worry Sony gamers will get it a year after like Dead Rising and Tomb Raider

Neonridr2562d ago

and Square will get all those additional PS4 sales too. So don't see how they are losing out exactly..

-Foxtrot2562d ago

Yeah Square...because look what happened with the Tomb Raider fiasco

If it's more Japanese aswell like a JRPG then it'll be even worse.

"will get all those additional PS4 sales too. So don't see how they are losing out exactly..."

And they would be even more if they released the same day, I bet Rise of the Tomb Raider would have had even more sales if people hadn't moved on after a year or lost interest. They even had to do some poor "20th Anniversary" thing which had nothing to do with the older trilogy they were apparently celebrating just so they could slap it on the box and make it look sparkling new so it would gain peoples interest more.

Neonridr2562d ago

@Fox - again, Square gets paid by MS for that timed exclusivity. So Square still makes out handsomely I am sure.

Sony is guilty of buying exclusive stuff too, so nobody is perfect here.

darthv722562d ago

Tell me something Fox. Did having to wait a year really make that much of a difference with a game that was going up against uncharted 4?

Its like that game was set up to fail on both regardless if it came on time or not. So having to wait a year AND getting new exclusive content seemed like a better move.

Now unless you are spiteful and ignored RotTR when it did come out... you got nothing to complain about. The game still came out unlike what Sony does to keep xbox from getting multiplat games (cough.. sfv)

JasonKCK2562d ago

The only fiasco for Tomb Raider was for those who had to wait for a year. It didn't hurt Xbox gamers in any way.

-Foxtrot2562d ago


Oh here we go "Sony did this..."


And the trend cotninues here...

Street Fighter V....really? Why don't you do your research because without Sony Street Fighter V wouldn't have happened as Capcom wasn't going to fund it. Poor example...very poor.

darthv722562d ago

@fox, you still believe that load of bs? Capcom cant afford to make sfv but they can make res evil vii and are making a new marvel vs game????

Think about that and let this sink in. Its god damn street fighter. Only ONE time has there been an exclusive version and it was for the snes. Eversince it was always multi.

Sony paid to keep it off xbox. Pure and simple. Anyone with an independent thought understands this. I have the game, I can see it was rushed and its a shame we have to wait until sfvi to get a full fleshed out game.

Obscure_Observer2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )


"Yeah Square...because look what happened with the Tomb Raider fiasco"

Fiasco? Despite your boycott campaing, (yeah, i remember) this game manages to sell MORE on PS4 even with the timed exclusive deal.

Street Fighter V on the other hand...

Obscure_Observer2562d ago


Street Fighter V....really? Why don't you do your research because without Sony Street Fighter V wouldn't have happened as Capcom wasn't going to fund it. Poor example...very poor.

What about Shenmue 3? What about FFVII? So far nobody knows if it is timed exclusive or not.

_-EDMIX-_2561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

I think it would be a big mistake by square simply because Microsoft just doesn't have enough install base to sell the type of games they make.

Unless it's for one of their other franchises like Deus Ex but even then it still doesn't really make any sense.

It just really depends how big the check is if they're paying for the entire development and square really doesn't have the money

I think it's justifiable.

Edit- seeing your other comments Neo, I actually agree that it could be beneficial to Square.

CoinOrc2561d ago

For whoever agreed to the Xbox exclusivity. The studio director of Crystal Dynamics was forced to resign because he made Rise of the Tomb Raider a timed exclusive. Someone at Square must not like his job.

CoinOrc2561d ago

It didn't help Microsoft either. Rise of the Tomb Raider sold rather poorly on Xbox One and it didn't move any Xbox Ones.

Godmars2902561d ago

"Street Fighter V wouldn't have happened as Capcom wasn't going to fund it."

More like they wouldn't have released it as soon - in years - as they would have.

Not that they then turned around and put it out too soon so as to release it on the pro gaming circuit - at the expense of consumers.

Honestly: how bats**t crazy was that logic?

XanderZane2561d ago

So the Scorpio should be getting Kingdom Hearts 1.5 /2.8 and DQ XI another year from now as well. Can't wait.

mcstorm2561d ago

Come on people make your mind up. When it's an xbox/pc exclusive you all come out and say it's not exclusive and now it's bad because Sony are not getting it. Come on its the games industry it is what happens. Rez got vr 1st on the ps version so Sony will of paid for that eveyone dose it. Microsoft know they have a lack of ips at the moment so they are having to do this. We don't even know what the game is

nX2561d ago

Simply put, timed exclusivity is worse for this industry than it is good for any individual. Microsoft has so much money, why don't they develop their own exclusives instead of buying them...?

Kribwalker2561d ago


Most of sonys exclusives this year have been 3rd party as well. Where's the problem with that?

MagicBeanz2561d ago

You already know the answer to your question. Unless you actully think its worked out well for any company that has sided exclusivity with Microsoft.

UnHoly_One2561d ago

I don't get the whole Tomb Raider insanity.

"I'm not buying it because it came out a year ago on a platform I don't own".

Alrig.... Wait what??

It's a new game to your console, why does the release date on a console you don't own even matter?

"I only watch movies on Netflix, so I actually watch ZERO movies because they all came out in the theater beforehand and now I refuse to see them because somebody else saw them before me."

That is basically the same thing you are doing.

What about indie games that only develop for one platform, then later release on others?

I suppose you're going to tell me it's some kind of "principle of the matter" thing, where you are doing this to boycott this kind of deal?

Well you have fun with that. I'm sure that self gratification is more fun that actually playing the game. Knock yourself out. I'll be over here playing my 1 year old Destiny content on Xbox that is actually brand new content to me. :)

Death2561d ago


For the last couple days Microsoft is bad because they have no exclusives. Today Microsoft is bad because there is a rumor they have an exclusive with Square in the works. I don't mind that Sony fans hate Microsoft, I just wish they would make up their minds about why already.

Null19802561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Yea, going XBox One only would be a mistake, but the addition of PC sweetens it. I'll get it there. If Microsoft publishes, than sure, they can have my money. I own a number of XB1 titles there. If it's released on Steam or elsewhere, then oh well, Square Enix can have it.

At least nothing on XB1 is console exclusive anymore if you have the computer for it.

edit- ideally, it will be timed exclusive so it will reach the largest audience possible.

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Araragifeels 2562d ago

Tomb Raider all over again, Square Enix will never learn while EA learn their lesson.

naruga2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

i m curious to see what game is ...i dont mind exclusivity (in contrary i like it alot) ..MS must make their moves as Sony does, ....otherwise there s no competition =there s no interest to make good games, i dont like when it happens to games that i expect to be on a differnet system and appear on another (Bayonetta 2 Monster Hunter anyone) but that s the law.....let the games come and pick the best on the best console

Erik73572562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Microsoft must be paying a lot if they keep on doing it...

They obviously know what they are doing and it's obviously worthwhile if they are doing it again