PSLS Trophy Guide - Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise launched back at the end of January of this year, since then Criterion Games has continued to support the title with numerous updates over the past 8 months. The first major update for the tile codenamed Cagney fixes numerous issues and also adds Online Marked Man, Online Stunt Run and Online Road Rage along with 70 additional Challenges called Timed Challenges. The second major title update codenamed Davis brings the world of Bikes to Paradise City along with a full day/night time cycle.

On September 25th Burnout Paradise became the first third party Blu-ray title to become available on the PlayStation Store. That very same day a patch was released for Burnout Paradise to incorporate Trophies. The update comes with a total of 64 Trophies, only 50 of which are required for the Platinum. The remaining Trophies come from the Cagney (6 Trophies) and Davis (7 Trophies) updates which are not required for the Platinum

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