The Final Chapter In PS3 Vs. Xbox 360?

So this weekend, he dragged his PS3 back to the same Game Stop where he bought it to trade it in for another Xbox. This, even as a friend in line with us complained about his Xbox acting up now that it's out of warranty.

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etownone3724d ago

That kid made the right choice, going back to the 360...
bad choice trading in the ps3 for dirt.... should have sold it on ebay or craigs list.

Anways, Good for him.

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etownone3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )


Obviously you haven't been keeping up with the story. go back and read the article.

He did trade his 360 for ps3 at first,
and now he traded his ps3 for the 360.

And about ps3 having the best games...thats your opinion buddy, but goto and you'll see the opinion of all the reviewers from gaming websites and magazines, and get educated where the highest rated exclusive are at. (hint: ps3 only has ONE game rated over 90%)

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Porno Decepticon3724d ago

Aw man, these post reaks of robot.

Snukadaman_3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Back on topic...this Kid was pretty stupid...he managed to put his wow character on ebay yet he had to take his ps3 to gamestop and get cheated. his mom is a well paid reporter why could he not keep both?

roflmao looks like zimbo forgot the rules as well....
"Using words such as Xbots and Sony droids, or other words from the console war vocabulary, is strictly prohibited in this Zone."

"Did you even remember why the stupid brat didn't like his ps3? He couldn't make any friends,"
actually all his friends owned xboxes....

Time_Is_On_My_Side3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

You've starting one of the most funniest arguments I've seen on this site. With the site I generally how a method of looking at critics criticism.

Society: Game Critics HTML:

90% of people won't read it because of the length, but hopefully I get the avid readers. When going into a game I think critics should consider being observant, informed, sensitive, demanding, and articulate. I'm going to check that site out to see the reviews, lol.

gambare3724d ago

of course he couldn't get any friends on the PSN, most of the PSN users are mature players, a kid doesn't belong in the PSN.

facepalm3724d ago

^-^ The kid made the wrong choice by wasting his money by constantly trading in and out his consoles... He should've just kept his PS3 and bought the X360, at least he'll have the best of both worlds and fanboys won't be all over his a** about it...

Probably this kid traded in his stuff at GameStop as well, which would've made him more of an imbecile.

aceitman3724d ago

a couple of months old i rmember this clearly is someone tyring to get a flam on

thebudgetgamer3724d ago

no wonder the gamer zone is looking more and more like the open zone everyday

BabyStomper50003724d ago

Wait... there's a difference??

GrieverSoul3724d ago

A kid that sells stuff on ebay like a WOW account and gets some money from it, goes and sells a PS3 for 100 USD on GameStop?! Hum... kinda a dumb in my opinion.
Also, his mom is happy he made 300usd on a WoW character that he probably spent like 1000usd to make, his mother listen to a friend of him (in gamestop line) saying is X360 is dieying and still lets him trade its PS3 for a X360?! Humm.. kinda.... really dumb!

Still, money doesnt seem an issue in this family. He should have kept both consoles. The best way to enjoy games and dish needless console wars! Just my 2 cents!

Rock Bottom3724d ago

This is what got my attention in the article.

SL1M DADDY3723d ago

Save up and buy them both! Great games are out for both and many more great games are coming.

nieto23723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

i am confused... this is the gamer zone or the open zone?

anyway when i go to @etownone I just saw the biggest list of FLOPs in my life.

Solid-Snake083723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

I guess hes too excited for gears of war 2.
I mean who needs a ps3 when there are like 50 AAA games coming out in the next three months alone.
Oh well by crhistmas hell have a ps3 again dont worry.

bomboclaat_gamer3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

this is not news

Electricear3723d ago

I can't agree that he made the right choice. Soon LBP will be the buzz of the school, and he will go running back to the PS3 again. Honestly, I think he should have kept the PS3 and gotten the Xbox 360 with that $300 he got for his WoW character. As it stands this kid is going to keep switching sides until either his mom says enough is enough, or he gets both systems.

Man_of_the_year3723d ago

Here we go again...

I say PROVE IT!!! Why would someone trade in a PS3 when they can easily buy a new 360 that is only $299...come on, for that price you could have just bought the 360 and had both platforms...and why is some random guy making a random blog about consoles? You wouldn't see my dad ever writing a blog just to say that i had changed my mind to change consoles...these types of articles are FLAME BAIT and how do these get approved? There is no PROOF TO HIS BLOG...

I said this with the guy trading in his 360 for a PS3 and i am saying it now...the prices have come down enough that you can enjoy both systems without having to return 1 of them and then crying about it on the internet...

Andras843723d ago

I can be one too, look: So now he will have to deal with the RROD that can happen anytime and that huge controller that's just terrible and just lost blu-ray and a reliable system with plenty of great games comming. In fact the biggest games are now comming out on the PS3 not on the 360. Gears of War 2 & Fable 2 vs. Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2, SOCOM: Confrontation, MotorStorm 2,Valkyra Chronicles. I can't understand why would anyone trade in a PS3 now. I could understand a year ago....but now?? You got to be mental.

See? It's so easy to be a fanboy.

xhairs93723d ago

I disagree. It's not flame bait, and it's not some "random guy". This is a well-known reporter, and this is her job, to report. She found the report worthy if you've kept up on the previous articles she posted it was a pretty interesting story.

What sucks that he made the wrong decision in going to gamestop and trading in all his stuff, not once, but twice. But he did make the right decision by going back to the 360. Why? Because his friends are there. Let's face it, most people only play online with their friends, I know I do most of the time, and when they aren't online, I get the single player games.

Also, does no one forget that she stated in her first article that he buys his own stuff? He saves his own money, he buys his own games/consoles/everything. Whether or not money is an issue with the family, it's obvious that his mother is not going to give him money for this stuff, it's up to him to figure out if he made the right or wrong decisions etc.

Man_of_the_year3723d ago

Is his mother in the gaming industry...does she have any recognizable credits in the gaming sorry but jsut because she is a reporter doesn't mean anything. Why is she reporting on anything regarding her sons console of choice or in this case choices...what are we gaining from these articles (which yes i have read them all) that are in any means news worthy...what makes her sons decisions any better than yours or mine? Should i start a website and write my friend just traded in his 360 to get a PS3??? I have just as much crdit as she does if not more in regards to the gaming industy. Would you post my Blog on here and consider it news...Probably not.

Jake11113723d ago

I say that the original story got enough hits when he sold the 360 that microsoft paid this lady $100 microsoft bonus points to write his kid changed back and gave the kid a system.. LOL

Anyways. As an owner of BOTH systems I can say this.!

No BS article written by some money hungry lady about some little kid who hasnt even finished:


Is going to hide the truth. The truth is this. The PS3 is a better console overall and the exclusives prove it. I dont give a darn what some kids mom says.

I have played the best games on 360 and I think they are half decent but nothing I have wanted to finish multiple times.

I have played through the best PS3 games numerous times and the playback value is amazing.

In the end. I have no favoritism to any brand. I just want the best system for my money.

If the next Microsoft console is better than the PS3 and PS4 I will buy it.


The Makr3723d ago

The pull of Xbox Live can be pretty strong once you have been a member for a year or two.

Bangladesh3723d ago

I don't believe for a second that you own a 360.

bigman73873723d ago

I don't believe for a second that you're really that old.

Bangladesh3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

Couldn't take the time to sign back into your Jake1111 account? I guess you're pretty busy adding disagrees to the first post huh

poet2153723d ago

I started visiting this site regularly, in June 2007. It was so informative. Now this place is overun with worthless articles. Majority of the stuff posted is either opinion, or some type of speculation. Too often these aren't even from someone pertinent in the video game industry. Can someone please bring back the real game news? Please???

swl72us3723d ago

Yeah, having both is the ultimate!! Because I know you folks who rant about one being better than the other wish you had both!! I had the Wii too, but that one is a waste for a hardcore game IMHO.

bigman73873722d ago

Actually Bangledesh, this is my only account. I don't have a need for little petty fights over agrees and disagrees. And I didn't even disagree with the first post. I was busy trying to make fun of the ridiculous fight over some unimportant kid's personal choice.

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GiantEnemyCrab3724d ago

That would still be more time then what it took him to regret buying a PS3.

Why do we care so much about what console this kid buys again?

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KingME3723d ago

This is the final chapter to a three part story. It's pretty obvious that some of you are not familiar with the series. It's also funny how the people that are calling him "stupid" were saying that he was a "smart kid" after the first story (Hypocrites). It's amazing how a person's mental state is directly proportional to how many FANBOYS agree with his decision.

This kid puts more value on friendships and hanging with his buddies than he does in supporting some stupid console war. (Unlike some of us.) At least give him credit for that. It also give testimony to which console has the better online friends network. Either way, it's his money, he made a choice, he learn from it, and he'll think long and hard before doing it again (Making a rash decision without thinking it through.)

People are also talking about since prices have dropped that he could have bought both. He's 14, which means he doesn't have a job or any steady income. Obviously him mom is making a few bucks but she's making him buy his own toys instead of making "a little brat that gets everything from him mom" out of him.

I commend her for that. More parents should do the same with their spoiled arse little fanboys.

Silogon3724d ago

I'm sick of this girl and her son and her grandstanding. It's like she has nothing else to add to world news or important issues, so she drums out some tired, pre fabricated, story of her and her sons journey into gaming.

She's a moron. I also love the double talking maybe she used here "Even though someone standing in line with us was complaing of hardware malfuntions"

This was placed into her script so it didn't look like she was being biased towards the Ps3 and Sony. Simple as that. She's an idiot and her network is run by bigger idiots for letting her go on the air with that tripe garbage.

etownone3724d ago

Yeah.. ok, i'm sure your weren't complaining when the first post came saying ps3 will win this gen because this kid traded in his 360 for a ps3.

I remember sonyfans on this site were loving the news.

but now i'm sure nobody cares.....
well at least the sony loyalist don't care.

Gish3724d ago


I can totally understand if your wanting some "revenge" for the trash talking PS3 owners have given over the months, but surely there are better articles to argue the point. any which way. carry on...

Willio3724d ago

So did she admit to the whole world that as a respectable journalist on MSNBC allow her son to illegally sell a World of Warcraft account to the public?

Drekken3723d ago

Is this really the same dumb @ss with her kid? Good job raising an indecisive brat and enabling him. Give me a break - This isnt news. It wasnt news when he traded for a PS3 and this is still not news.

In 2 weeks we will be reading about his WII. I do not care.

bomboclaat_gamer3723d ago (Edited 3723d ago )

wow drekken. since when have u stopped bashing the xbox 360? i guess u needed bubbles so u turned hypocrite. i bet as soon as u get about 6 bubbles or so u will start the bashing again.

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Invalid Username3724d ago

((bad decision the rrod will break up their family))

ozsman3724d ago

Why the hell can't you MOD'S ever ban his IP? He make a new acc. every day.

MAiKU3724d ago

Agreed, I'm sick of people coming back after being banned. BLOCK IP'S AND THEY'LL STOP.

thereapersson3724d ago

These idiots have no life, so they sit at their computers behind proxies, creating alternate accounts to continue their tirade of SPAM. The only way it will stop is if N4G enforces a closed-registration policy (like torrent websites), or like the one that NeoGaf has, where you have to use a paid-for e-mail address, such as the one you get with your IP, or from an educational institution.

That way, once you're banned, it's not worth it to try to get another account because of all the work you have to go through. But hey, what do the administrators care? Letting these fools run free means more hits for the website.

Invalid Username3724d ago

((and even dr.phil advises american families to stay away from radioactive things))