dBTechno: Ferrari Challenge PS3 Review

dBTechno Writes:

"There are 16 international circuits for you t choose from, with downloadable content to come according to the publisher. There is plenty here, as you can even have Ferrari cars and cards that you can trade online.

The 16-player online races are great fun as well if you get into the whole Ferrari thing.

Ferrari Challenge is a well-done racing game on the PS3, as the visuals are very strong, the audio is well-done, and the game plays nicely.

If you are a racing fan, this is definitely something I would recommend that you check out, for the simple fact that it really is an enjoyable experience, just for a short period of time."

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supremacy3697d ago

when is the trophy patch coming? or better yet is it coming at all?

its been over a month since it was announced and no show. whats up with that?

now i know many of you here don't care too much or at all about this game, but ive been waiting ages for this patch and still nothing,

can anyone tell me when the patch might or will finally arrive? or atleast does anyone have an idea of when i should expect this?

if at all? anyone?